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General Manager of LIME, Leslie Jack. (IWN photo)
General Manager of LIME, Leslie Jack. (IWN photo)
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Telecommunications provider LIME has joined up with the Carnival Development Corporation to offer persons outside of St. Vincent and the Grenadines an opportunity to view online two of the major show of Vincy Mas 2014.

The company is also offering persons opportunities to vote for their favourite contestant or artiste in the Miss SVG and Soca Monarch competitions and in doing so earning chances to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 handset and one year’s free service and trips to St. Lucia carnival and Spice Mas in Grenada.

Further, the company is offering the opportunity for 500 persons in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to view the shows on their handsets.

Speaking at a press briefing this week, Manager of LIME, Leslie Jack, said his company has been partnering with the CDC to make Vincy Mas established dates in the minds of Caribbean people.

He said a number of countries where LIME operates are running all expenses paid promotions to bring people to SVG for Vincy Mas.

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As part of the company’s partnership with CDC, LIME will stream the Miss Carival and Soca Monarch shows live.

There will be geo-blocking, denying access to persons in SVG, unless they are watching the show, pay-per-view, on VC3, or are one of the 500 persons who will be able to view it live on their handsets.

LIME tested the streaming during two CDC shows last week and has made some improvement, Jack said.

LIME will also allow persons to vote by text message for the persons they most favour to win the Miss Carival, Ragga Soca, and Power Soca crowns.

(Click for details on voting, accessing live stream)

Jack said that viewer’s choice votes will be checked by auditing firm, KPMG

And, Chief Executive Officer of CDC, Ashford Wood, lauded the corporation’s partnership with LIME, noting that the CDC and LIME signed a two-year contract at the beginning of the Carnival season.

“Since then, LIME has been so involved in the festival that we have actually been asked if it’s a LIME carnival,” Wood said.

“To this, we simple respond that where telecommunication is concerned, and maybe we can add the word 4G, it is really a LIME 4G carnival.

“And I say this to bring out the point that, a sponsor must not simply sit back and wait or the CDC to come up with innovations for them to get the most of the festival. It is expected that you as the sponsor, as we are seeing here with LIME, come up with innovative ways and maximize the benefits that all can receive from what we refer to as some of the better festivals in the region,” Wood said.