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Tiger Shark

The shark was found floating among seaweed in Mustique.

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Sustainable Grenadines Inc. (SusGren) and the Mustique Co. are consulting shark experts after an 11-foot dead tiger shark was found floating among large quantities of seaweed in Rutland Bay, Mustique on Tuesday.

A sea turtle research discovered the shark while patrolling the area. The shark did not have any visible injuries.

SusGren, an environment conservation group, and Mustique Co., which manages the island — a play ground for the rich and famous — are trying to find out if the shark’s death is linked to the influx of seaweed that is yet again affecting the Eastern Caribbean.

SusGren said sharks’ poor public image and myths about the extent to which they are dangerous do not help.

“Sharks are in fact vitally important to the marine environment because they are an apex predator, and they play an important role in keeping an ecological balance,” the group said.

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The group is urging the public to report any incidents of sharks, whales, dolphins or sea turtles washing ashore, and to refrain from killing sharks.

SusGren can be contacted via telephone or fax at 784-485–8779 or e-mail [email protected].

The 11-foot tiger shark that was found dead in Mustique.
The 11-foot tiger shark that was found dead in Mustique.