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Businessman Keon Lawrence was shot in Kingstown on Saturday. (Internet photo)
Businessman Keon Lawrence was shot in Kingstown on Saturday. (Internet photo)
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Police are investigating the shooting of Keon Lawrence, a 38-year-old businessman of Kingstown Park, which occurred at Rose Place on Saturday.

Police said on Monday that reports received are that two assailants shot Lawrence about his body.

I-Witness News understands that Lawrence received two shots to the chest from what appears to be a nine-millimetre handgun.

He was shot just after seven outside a shop at Rose Place where he works.

I-Witness News understands that doctors were able to save his life though a multi-hour surgery.

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The calibre of the weapon reportedly used in the shooting is the same the weapon(s) used in a number of shootings, which have seen at least six persons killed and four injured since June.

Reports are that there is a hit squad in St. Vincent and some of the killings are acts of reprisals, reportedly over stolen cocaine.

I-Witness News understands that some of the persons killed or injured are innocent victim of person(s) seeking revenge over the reported theft of the illegal drug.

4 replies on “Man shot in Kingstown”

  1. Jacqueline Wilson says:

    ONCE AGAIN I ASK; SINCE THEY’VE decided what type of gun is being used & it’s the same one being used in most if not all of these killings, why haven’t they conducted ballistic testings on the shell-casings recovered to get FINGER-PRINTS!??? What are the POWERS-THAT-BE waiting for, more murders!???

      1. IVO, worse than that , there is no one capable of proficiently taking the prints and no one who can read and compare prints even if they don’t have a data base.

        With most all the policemen in charge coming from the PM’s constituency, our force is subject to inbreeding, we all know that inbreeding produces imbeciles and idiots.

    1. James the lion monroe says:

      If a river is poluted from the source to the mouth, then that is the discription of the govt of svg. the powers that be knows who is killing our citizens. If they don’t want change, then let them live in fear, cause this is the begining. you invited the devil to dinner, guess what? he’s to stay.

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