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The Cross Country and Road Racing Commission of Team Athletics St. Vincent and the Grenadines has announced that the NACAC-OECS International Road Relay Classic will be the highlight of its 2014 season.

The event, formerly known locally as the Round D Town Road Relay, comes off Sept. 28 in Kingstown.

This event has the support of the Association of National Olympic Committees of the OECS (ANOCES), and it is expected that there will be an increase of participation from the OECS countries.

The first prize remains at US$1,000.

Since the inception of the international feature in 2011, Grenada has won the event three consecutive years.

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Team Athletics SVG will be conducting trials on Sept. 7 to select a national team, with the intention of stopping Grenada’s dominance of the event.

The trials will commence at 3:30 p.m. and all athletes are invited to participate.  Teams that are training for the event are encouraged to use this as a training opportunity to assess their athletes.

The Cross Country and Road Racing Commission has opted to provide transportation only for the Road relay in 2014. All other races would feature primarily competitors from the areas surrounding the designated location of the event.

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