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Cellular Phones, Tablets, Television

Sadly, they refuse to embrace technology to educate our nation

How many more graves?

Before we address this crime wave

How many more of our youths must die?

Before we declare ‘ this crime wave needs to end?’

How many more must emotionally suffer and die ?

Before our voice transcend

You! Yes you! your voice is urgently needed

For today history will be created

Today our youths will rise up

Today we will stand up

Today we will make it known

That the issue of crime and violence will not destroy our home

Youths- Today we will march through the street

Chanting words of freedom, Today we take it to the street

Hance John, Today is your day to write

Fireman, Skinny, Maddzart, Recka, Icon, today we must unite

Tamisha, Zola, Shaunelle, Tabia, Rashyda, Tenicia, Megan, Zonecia

Shine forth your light

Use your talent to conquer the enemy

That which tries to destroy our country

Colin Peters, Enos, Seon, Gideon, Abuza, Yaphatoo, Mattafix

Musicans, DJ’s, Poets, Local Icons, Today the problem we must fix

Rashida, Calvert, VIP PIX, Vagueiimages, Cloud Island Media

Today we must unite for a brighter tomorrow

Today- Youths regardless of your talent, skill or profession

We must tackle this issue with great determination

Dillon Ollivierre & Sherika George