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President of the SVG Cricket Association, Kishore Shallow. (IWN photo)
President of the SVG Cricket Association, Kishore Shallow. (IWN photo)
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By E. Glenford Prescott

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association has launched its 2015-2017 strategic plan, in which it pledges to “Demonstrate honesty, accountability, and transparency to affiliates, and all other stakeholders”.

The pledge comes under the section “Provide world-class leadership and management on and off the field” and is listed at number three in the areas of priority in the plan.

The plan, which was released by the Kishore Shallow-led executive last week, outlines the initiatives the SVGCA has identified as being essential in charting a way forward for the development and expansion of cricket in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

It comprise five areas, among them produce the best teams, players, and officials in the region and this will include, among other things: develop comprehensive training plans for all national teams; schedule, activities & budget; continuous all-year training programme for a minimum of 50 per cent of each national team; and an annual training camp for U-15 and U-19 teams.

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Increase participation substantially, and inspire the next generations of players and fans: establish cricket in primary and secondary schools; make domestic cricket more interesting and attractive; increase prize money and other nonmonetary incentives; support and strengthen community cricket by increased affiliation; and develop relationship and work in collaboration with softball cricket committees; national softball/tapeball competition.

provide world-class leadership and management on and off the field: demonstrate honesty, accountability, and transparency to affiliates, and all other stakeholders; strengthen and support the existing committees; establish different components of the organization; marketing, commercial, media, and human resources.

Sustainability: Establish a business owned by the association; e.g. Lottery booth, indoor facility, explore investment opportunities.

And improve Infrastructure: Continue the venture to own/part-own a training facility; and Strengthen relationship with National Sports Council to have regular access to training facilities.

And president Shallow who delivers his message In the Plan for the national sporting body flanked by flags that appear alien to citizens and cricket fans here, pointed out that cricket is no longer the sport which was played as a past time.

“Cricket has evolved from just a recreational sport to a multi -million industry. The sport is now a livelihood for a number of persons on and off the field. Moreover, it has a tremendous impact on the economy of many countries. Acceptance of this reality should be enough to convince cricket administrators that professionalism cannot be an option,” he stated in his opening comments.

Shallow said a starting point for this new approach of professionalism is to establish the strategic plan.

“A strategic plan is a road map for all organizations. This specific document identifies and serves as a guide to what the SVG Cricket Association hopes to achieve over the next three years. Additionally, it would be used as a measurement of our progress.

“This strategic plan comprises a new vision for the SVGCA, as well as the drive to develop closer relationship between ourselves and our key stakeholders.

“It also incorporates a business component, which is also a necessity for every non-profit organization that aspires to achieve any great degree of sustainability,” he added, urging all to give this plan all the critical support that is required to ensure that the document truly reflects the development vision for cricket in St. Vincent and the Grenadines over the next three years.

The previous executive had said on many occasions that it would compiled and released a plan but this never materialised.