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The fire destroyed the two-storey, wood and concrete house.
The fire destroyed the two-storey, wood and concrete house.
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The deceased, Sandra Browne.
The deceased, Sandra Browne.

Police have launched a homicide investigation into the death of Sandra Browne, a mentally challenged woman, whose charred remains were found in her burnout home in Vermont Friday morning.

Superintendent of Police Richard Browne, officer in charge of the Western Division, where Vermont is located, told I-Witness News at the scene that 69-year-old Verton Grant, who also lived in the house, was injured and taken to hospital.

Browne told I-Witness News that police responded to a house fire around 1 a.m. Friday.

“… on arrival at the scene, they discovered the charred remains of a female, we also were able to assist an elderly male who was an occupant of the house as well.

“… He received burns about the body. He was assisted out of the house. He is presently a patient at the hospital, and what we can say now, investigations are on-going into what transpired,” Browne told I-Witness News.

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Residents of Vermont told I-Witness News that Browne was repeatedly a victim of sexual assault and that her companion, Grant, also had mental health issues.

A resident of the South Leeward community, who said he assisted Grant immediately after the fire was discovered, told I-Witness News that in addition to burns, Grant also had what appeared to be chop wounds to the face and hand.

He said Grant told villagers that he was attacked by a male, who also set the house on fire.

The wooden upper storey of the two-storey house was destroyed, leaving only the concrete parts of the ground floor standing.

Head of the Major Crime Unit, Inspector Trevor Bailey, centre, and other homicide detectives at the scene in Vermont. (IWN photo)
Head of the Major Crime Unit, Inspector Trevor Bailey, centre, and other homicide detectives at the scene in Vermont. (IWN photo)

3 replies on “Mentally ill woman found dead in burnout house in Vermont; male companion injured”

  1. jacqueline wilson says:

    I wasn’t about to say much on this, but on second thoughts this is what i have to say; All & sundry knew who Sandra was. And that is why she was endlessly sexually assaulted by males. Even knowing she had a sexually transmitted disease they never stopped molesting her. She would call names of every male who had intercourse with her. But what i want to know is why, what prompted this low-life scumbag to kill her now? After all these years people will just listen to her rant abd just go their way…wgat happened this time?
    There will be no more harassment for you Sandra. Sleep In Peace! I hope they catch the bastard soon and just throw his @$$ under the jail!!!

  2. Yvette Sylvester says:

    I am very disterbed about this image that I was looking at here on my tv where I saw the house on fire and then to find out that this helpless woman lost her life, because the police department of ST. Vincent and the grenadines did nothing to prevent the on going sexual abuse that she have endured throughout her lifetime. And, the goverment needs to do more to protect the mentally ill persons who can’t protect themselves. This one is to close for comfort because it is very close to my childhood home where I grew up in. I hope that this will not become an unsolved homicide or murder like all of the other cases that were’nt solved.

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