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Student of the Dorsetshire Hill Govt
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Telecommunications provider LIME has provided additional “coverage” to primary school students across St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

This week, students in primary schools in and around Kingstown received LIME branded textbook covers to keep their books in top condition for the current school term and beyond.

The students, along with the teachers and head teachers who have already received the covers, expressed their gratitude to LIME for the gesture.

Schools receiving the colourful covers this week include Kingstown Preparatory School, Dorsetshire Hill Government School, Sion Hill Primary School and Kingstown Anglican School.

Veronique Williams, LIME marketing assistant says that the gesture, though small, would go a long way in preserving the textbooks for future use or perhaps for resale by the parents of the students.

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“We know that textbooks can be a financial burden to parents, and that children would not always keep these books in good condition, so whatever we at LIME can do to make life easier for the students and their parents, we will do it.”

Up to 5,000 of the covers are to be distributed to the schools.