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First responders were Monday morning searching for three persons who remained unaccounted for after a minibus carrying passengers, including students, plunged into the sea in northeastern St. Vincent.

Police in Owia, a community on the north-eastern tip of St. Vincent, said that the accident occurred at Rock Gutter, a community between Owia and Fancy, the country’s northern-most village.

2 replies on “BREAKING: Three persons unaccounted for after accident in North Windward”

  1. Its no wonder when you see how these lunatic van drivers drive at ridiculous speeds loud blaring music which again sets the mood to speed.

    I have not been in a van for 20 years, I observe how they drive and would never ride with them.

    Time to have special tests for these drivers, and the tachograph, which in Europe is known as the spy in the cab. Then every month the machine is downloaded and if the driver has exceeded the speed limit his license is cancelled. Also the equipment show what speed immediately prior to an accident and how many hours the driver had been driving, all of which contribute to accidents.

    These drivers who speed and overtake on bends and blind spots are little more than criminals.

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