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Dear Editor,

As families mourn the loss of their loved one, I’m submitting this poetic to be published to reach persons who are truly struggling with Monday’s tragedy.

Dillon Ollivierre

Bless Us Oh Lord 

O Lord my God
Why have you rejected my call?
Why have you ignored my call
Why oh Lord, Why? Why couldn’t you answer my call?

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As Families mourn the loss of a loved one
I pray that you hold their hand
And guide them through such tragic moment
For you oh Lord is omnipotent
You posses what it takes to lift them from the lowest
And rise them to the highest

Lord as families express anger, frustration
Pain, Confusion
And emptiness
I ask that you comfort such raging emotions
Dear Father, In peace, love and unity I join with all denominations
Leaders and citizens, Asking that your light Shine
As bright as the sunlight comforting this heart of mine
The heart of every reader,
And the heart of every family member
For their loss is our loss

Lord I ask that you be with those who survived
Into your hands I pray they surrender their life to be revived
To take off the old and put on a new
To embrace you….

Oh merciful father, open up our eyes so that we may see
Bless us Lord so that sight will impact actions daily
Actions which will result in the fullness of your blessings being poured upon us
Oh Lord, fill our cup so that it flow into the saucer, Bless us!
Bless us oh Lord!

Dillon Ollivierre

© January 13,2015 Dillon Ollivierre