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shame on you
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I am absolutely appalled by Elson Crick’s behaviour to assassinate Kate Kelly’s character by disclosing her personal information to the public on national radio that was also broadcast internationally on the Internet for the entire world to hear it.

I am absolutely appalled by Elson Crick’s behaviour to assassinate Kate Kelly’s character by disclosing her personal information to the public on national radio that was also broadcast internationally on the Internet for the entire world to hear it.

What Elson Crick essentially did is the unhealthy norm in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, to rip victims of rape apart when they tell their stories. This is done to shame the victims and deter them from coming forward to face their accusers. This behaviour by Elson Crick, a top official and representative of the government, is not only egregiously insensitive, it is a downright disgrace and this warrants the resignation of Mr. Crick from his position.

Mr. Crick, are you also going to call me a liar too? Are you going to pull my passport information? Are you going to seek to destroy my character for speaking out on this matter? It is not unusual for a woman who has suffered shame to change her name. This is totally normal. It is not unusual for a woman who was raped and abused to want desperately to escape from the place that caused her trauma. These behaviours are totally normal, but ignorance on your part will cause you to question the behaviour and victimize the victim over and over. You did not just victimise her, you gave the entire nation a license to do so.

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Mr. Crick, like Kate, I too wanted desperately to escape. I was a runner from St. Vincent. My running caused me to marry a man I did not love just to get out of St. Vincent. I paid a huge price, but I accept full responsibility. As an almost rape victim, I grew up with people in Vermont who taunted me, the same way you just nationally and internationally taunted Kate.

These people, like you, treated me like I was the criminal and my attempted rapist, [name deleted] was a hero. There was one guy named [name deleted], the same individual who is accused of robbing my father and hastening his death, who taunted me everlasting. Wherever he saw me, he shouted “Rody blister, Rody blister”, and laughed to his full contentment.

I understand what it is like to be treated like a criminal as a rape victim. Mr. Crick, I don’t know if you have daughters, but for their sake and even your mother’s sake, I encourage you to seek mental health counselling because the behaviour that you demonstrated on national radio is far from normal.

Do you understand the scars that a woman can incur from this sort of experience? Mr. Crick, I could never truly love anyone until recently because there cannot be love without trust. An individual must feel safe to let someone in totally. I was unable to do that, but now, thank God, I am free and I have resolved to become the Harriet Tubman that would free others like me.

What you did to Kate Kelly on national radio is shameful and despicable. By doing so, you attempted and may have succeeded in silencing other women who are continuously raped. Women can only reclaim their freedom from rape by speaking out against it. You, sir, have deliberately attempted to stop women from speaking out against this heinous terror and for that you should resign or be fired by the Prime Minister. Your behaviour cannot be deemed acceptable by any standard

Helena R Edwards


Save Our Sisters (SOS), Inc.

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

6 replies on “Shame, shame, shame on Elson Crick”

  1. Helena, we are all waiting for you to write about the Gonsalves charges for rape.

    Elson Crick may well be acting upon ULP government policy of shaming women who have been raped and molested.

  2. Mr Crick should be fired from whatever Government position he is holding. Its that simple.

    And also anyone else who was involved in releasing these sensitive information.

    But don’t hold your breath. The ULP Administration have no sense of decency and so these type of actions are just par for the course.

  3. Patrick Ferrari says:

    On May 13, 2014, I wrote a column in The News newspaper calling Elson Crick a cunumunu. The heading went, “A Love Letter to Elson,” and right below was an image of a donkey. Go figure. It was published on the 16th so I would imagine an editor now, would not have a problem publishing this verbatim.

    I admire Helena Richards’ fortitude – and grit for telling us what she could have avoided. But it added weight; a lot of it. Fortitude and decency are qualities that are foreign to Crick and his ilk. I regret what Helena Richards went through. Then was made to go through by low-class, ill-bread people. And patently clear, still going through.

    Mrs Richards said that she is “absolutely appalled by Elson Crick’s behaviour.” Mrs Richards, Elson Crick is the perennial cunumunu and you should well expect that sort of behaviour from him as you’d expect dust from a sack of coals. As for his resignation, don’t hold your breath. You’d see God’s face first. As you would see His face before any resignation from any member of the ruling ULP coterie. (I am aware of you wouldn’t like my saying that but accept its preciseness as they’ve proved it time and again – too often to enumerate here.) The irony is that Elson Crick is the only heavy that ever offered a resignation (when he blew the lid on the date for the elections) but, surprise, surprise it was refused.

    Elson Crick does not have a mind of his own; he second-guesses the higher ups hoping to get their blessing – and better if it were celestial. What the crass cunumunu said about the unfortunate victim could well have its origins from: Bayliss Fredericks sent a daughter (Vynnette) to study law and she came back a son. (See, “Senator wants conversation on same-sex relationships,” on the same IWN page as Mrs Richards well deserved blistering attack on the cunumunu.) The aristocratic Bassy Alexander an “NDP dog.” And Matthew Thomas a “stinking” whatever? The crass cunumunu parrots his mentor’s style and his practice with that has corrupted his judgement and made him unable tell the difference between decent and nasty, good and bad. Perhaps it is not that he is unable but decent and good does not engender kudos from whom he’d like to get it from.

    When a couple of towel heads came and promised a meagre (by their standards) hand out for the airport (where did the one million US cash came from?) our women had to hide in the kitchen of the restaurant where the towel heads ate – at our expense. It is okay for the unclean to cook what they put in their mouth but they are not good enough, even from afar, for their eyes. That is camel jockey logic for you. (Maybe towel heads close their eyes when they copulate.) In towel head culture, they stone women, little girls and wives too, to death when some deranged villain rapes them. In that culture and for that crime, victim becomes villain and villain victim. What the cunumunu did was the same.

    What I like best about this is that I did not hear one single word that Crick was supposed to have said. I did not need to because of his penchant for cunumunism, for which he is eminently qualified, is known to I.

    1. Hi Patrick! Whe do you not write for “The News” anymore? I hope the ULP gremlins did not defeat you. I am one of many that bought that paper mainly to read your stuff. Few were lame, most were great. I like Ceasars mystery patrol boats. Can’t forget that one. About Crick:…obviously he has that position,… a position that was just created for him maybe because he gave great blowjobs to the right ULP “higher-ups”. I don’t know, maybe he still does, he gets good pay for it. Seems when Ralph lost the Referendum he has gone into overdrive trying to make SVG economically ungovernable ….for the next guy. Elson’s job, (not the one he gives the higher-ups), is just a way Ralph can burn more taxpayer’s money and at the same time terrorize the citizens.

  4. The dictionary is right again. I looked up crick and this is what I found.

    1. 1.
    a painful stiff feeling in the neck or back.

    But according to the Urban Dictionary
    “Crick” refers to people who have achieved an Ultra-Rich status. To be labeled as “Crick” is an enormous compliment. Not everyone can be crick. It is a term that solely describes the elite.

    So what we now know is that Elson Crick is a rich pain in the neck, I will go along with that. I am sure if the ULP is re-elected he will become even richer at the tax payers expense and a much bigger pain in the neck.

  5. I had a dialog with Helena on the Ralph issue already, so I don’t think she would go there based on our discussion. But I love her for this blazing article that has reinforced the topic of how some Vincentian men view women. The issue was there during the last election but NDP didn’t see it. Lynch was more focus on “bald head Astafan”. I called Lynch from Canada and I wrote an article asking NDP to focus on the people who were calling in to Nice Radio and listen to their complaints. I will guess that 65 to 75 percent of the callers were women and their concern was the abuse women suffered. I picked up that issue from way up here in Canada, listening to Nice Radio. I even ask Lynch to play a song by Ziggy – Vincy sweet, Vincy nice” to reinforce our love for Vincentian women.
    If Kenton goes back about a few months into his archives he will find an article I wrote stating that the issue for this election should be about violence against women. Now here we are today with Crick attacking a woman for telling about the abuse she suffered from a child to an adult. This was her story and she never revealed many of the abusers, except her close family members. So where does Crick and the ULP fit into this soap opera? Are they the main characters who abuse and rape young women? Why do they get hyper when the word RAPE is mentioned?
    I am not sure when all this abuse started, but it accelerated after the PM was accused of raping the police woman. It took off when some men realize that rape cases in SVG can be thrown out and they are free to do it again. It now appears that some ULP members who are in the running this election are wife and women beaters. I love it how Helena came out swinging. She like Kate Kelly is talking from experience. How many more women are out there suffering silently from the same dementia? It is imperative we don’t lose sight of this topic. It must be kept alive until Ralph ring the bell, or nothing will be done to correct the abusive behaviour by some men, against our sisters, mothers, cousins and other female family members. Ironically by concentrating on the young woman’s story, the ULP brass has opened a Pandora box that has no cover to hide what’s inside. Than Kate, your story will help to improve the lives of other women in the beautiful island of SVG.

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