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Bequia easter regatta
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Steady breezes, glorious sunshine, great fun and entertainment, are what await persons for the 2015 Bequia Easter Regatta.

Bequia, the largest of the Grenadine islands and home to some of the finest model and sailboat builders, will celebrate its annual Bequia Easter Regatta from April 2 to April 6.

The crystal blue waters will be littered with yachts and fishing boats competing for the winning spots.

Crews ranging from first time sailors, to experts, family teams and solos from Trinidad, Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia and the world over will journey to Bequia to participate in the Regatta.

A lustrous fleet of 45 to 55 yachts is expected to compete in 5 classes of the 34th Regatta celebrations.

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Visitors can even have a chance to see the Iron Duke, the 130-year-old whaling boat, compete against newcomers on the racecourse.

The array of festival events includes evening concerts, beach parties, and family events.

Organisers say the Easter weekend in Bequia will be sure to provide an atmosphere of fun and vibrancy, which has something for everyone to get caught up in the Bequia Easter fever.

The On-shore activities began on Thursday with a gospel concert titled “Come Celebrate Jesus”, featuring singing, drama and dancing.

The free concert was held in the capital Port Elizabeth, under the “Almond Tree”.

On Sunday, Lay Day, cruisers, racers and visitors along with boat loads of visitors from St. Vincent, will journey to Lower Bay Beach to enjoy the waters, get some sand between their toes and to socialize with the locals.

Organisers say for persons wishing for a quieter option, the Bequia Beach Hotel in Friendship Bay will host the Sand Castle and Crazy Craft competition.

The weekend of activities climaxes on Monday, where persons can participate in a range of activities organised by the Onshore Committee under the “Almond Tree”.

One of the On-shore activities to look out for is the Greasy Pole. A telephone pole, which is heavily greased, extends out over the water. A flag is nailed to the end of the pole and participants must make their way to the end of the pole and grab the flag. Whatever your strategy is: slow and steady or sprint to the end, the greasy pole makes for an exciting contest.

Organisers say the 2015 Bequia Easter Regatta is expected to be a fabulous weekend packed with exciting tacks, fun parties, legendary boat races and great Vincentian hospitality.