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Gully Bop and a "Guinness Girl" performs on stage during Saturday's party. (Photo: Zavique Morris/IWN)
Gully Bop and a “Guinness Girl” performs on stage during Saturday’s party. (Photo: Zavique Morris/IWN)

Rags-to-richest Jamaican artiste, Gully Bop, headlined a party in Kingstown on Saturday to unveil the new look of Guinness stout.

The artiste performed his signature “Dem no Bad Like Me” and “Body Specialist” songs and showcased his freestyle skills at the free event at the Cruise Ship Pier.

The event also featured dancers and deejay music ahead of the unveiling of the new look of Guinness. (Scroll for photos)

Speaking at the event, Shafia London, commercial manager at the St. Vincent Brewery Ltd., local bottlers of Guinness, said her company wants “to make sure that the brand remains fresh and current, and appeals to stylish, modern Vincentians.

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“Today is a landmark day in our history, as we unveil the stunning transformation of our iconic Foreign Extra Stout design for the first time in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” she said.

She said that over recent weeks, the buzz across St. Vincent and Grenadines has been building as the brewery’s tease campaign has driven #Stepuptothegoldstandard to be the number one trending topic in SVG in preparation for Saturday’s launch event.

She said the new packaging has been designed “to reflect the characterful flavour of Guinness in both look and style.

“The contemporary, premium look is part of a global redesign for the iconic Guinness bottle,” she said.

“The sophisticated style reflects the adventurous character of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. The continued use of the dark bottle reflects its contents. As your eye moves down the bottle, you will see the standout yellow racetracks of colour and the layering of contemporary typography.

“The generous swoop of Arthur Guinness’s signature not only adds to the new livery’s premium aesthetic, but also pays homage to the provenance, craft and authority of the world’s favourite stout, adding a new sense of quality and ritual to this adored drink.”

She said the new livery “invites the eye to experience the colourful world of more that is inherent to Guinness.

“We’re all very excited to be able to bring this stunning transformation of the iconic Guinness to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We may have changed our appearance to have more style, more soul and more substance, but you will be pleased to know that we’ve kept the distinctive rich taste that Vincentians know and love inside the bottle,” she said.

2 replies on “Gully Bop delivers as new look of Guinness is revealed in St. Vincent (+ Videos)”

  1. How low does the Brewery really needs to go to sell their product? Are these the lewd and lascivious lyrics that Gully Bop was brought here to deliver? Surely the Brewery can find a better message that assists them in peddling their product. Surely, they can be more responsible than this. Show some corporate responsibility. All Gully Bop did was add to the continued denigration of women and help teach our youth (unfortunately, the consumers of your Guinness) that it is OK to do it too. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

  2. Shane Daniel says:

    The examples we set are being echoed by the youths. Its very unfortunate that common sense and moral values were not executed by those in authoritative positions at the brewery to ensure that this concert did not take place.

    I would have thought that a better example would have been set. Now, the questions that come to mind are: Were there young minds in the audience who would interpret these suggested lyrics and body gyrations as acceptable and ok in our society? Were there an age check? How did they ensure that the lyrics did not reach the ears of our underaged?

    We really have to do something better in St.Vincent if we are serious about protecting morals and values. So much has gone down the drain.

    We need to remove those persons in authority at the brewery who allowed such an activity to take place from office so they cant continue to do harm to our society.

    Lets stand up and ensure better is done.

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