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Gunshot victim Xavier Kelly in hospital.
Gunshot victim Xavier Kelly in hospital.

A Lowmans Hill family was shaken up Tuesday night when a gunshot victim ran into their house around 10:45.

I-Witness News understands that the family had dismissed what sounded like gunfire earlier only to be “shocked” when Xavier Kelly, said to be in his mid 20s, ran into their house saying that he had been shot.

“Minutes prior to seeing him standing there in the hall, we heard what sounded like a single gunshot but didn’t pay it mind,” I-Witness News was told.

A member of the household is said to have helped Kelly to remove his shirt, revealing what appeared to be multiple wounds, reportedly as a result of the gunshot.

Kelly is also said to have had a gunshot injury to the face, but said he did not know who had shot him.

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The police and ambulance were summoned and a squad from the Rapid Response Unit (“Black Squad”) of the Police Force arrived some 20 minutes later and transported the youth to hospital. where he was still

where he was still warded up to Wednesday evening.

He is said to have received two gunshots which deposited 29 pellets into his body.

One reply on “Family shaken up as gunshot victim runs into their house”

  1. sounds like a shotgun wound, not a firearm wound

    must have been shot from some distance, because a close proximity shotgun wound would rip him apart.

    Police should be looking for a shotgun rifle, not a sidearm firearm. A rifle is much harder to hide, they should do a house to house. Someone would have seen a rifle being carried.

    Now that is real police work, not going into a school and arresting a woman for something she allegedly wrote on facebook.

    Lets see if they as good at real crime fighting, as they are at arresting women and beating little boys.

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