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I am an avid reader to your web news. I must say I do look forward to your site to be updated and be informed about the homeland.

Now, you have many, many stories with which you can inform your readers about St. Vincent.

However, I not sure if it about money, or political affiliation, but you are printing or displaying a lot of bulls**t on your website; s**t that does not make sense to one but those “donkey cart mentality Vincentian” like this (peter bemuse) or whatever his name.

I am living in Canada, how can I introduce anyone here to your web page for them to be reading s**t like what you allow, especially about the airport.

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No nation on this earth condemns progress. Now you are feeding the notion that we Vincentians will never have anything.

You got to get with it. This is 2015, Vincentian has always been known as backward and stupid, just ask any Barbadian. And here you are displaying the notion that we are nothing and we will never be anything.

Mr. Browne

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

27 replies on “Donkey cart mentality”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    How could anyone call bad-spending $EC 1 billion on an airport we don’t need and can’t afford “progress”?

    How could anyone call carefully criticising bad government policies as exhibiting a “donkey cart mentality”?

    How could anyone call critics of the Argyle International Airport venture “backward and stupid” without realizing that “argumentum ad hominem” exhibits the same “donkey cart mentality” his Bajan friends tease him about?

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      Ben David,
      I don’t know where you come from, but you cannot be a Vincentian, in any way shape or form.
      I told Peter Binose that if he can build an Airport, I’ll shut up and apologies, I tell you the same.
      You call it bad-spending on an Airport we don’t need, who the hell are you to know what 110 thousand Vincentian at home and 95 thousand abroad need.
      loose lips sink ships, I can see you sitting on the back of the “donkey cart ” and your Peter Binose sitting at the front, and you both singing ” le we go down to Kingstown market”
      Listen, on being a critic one must know what he or she is talking about, and here you are saying that only you know what Vincentian need and can’t afford.
      If you can build an Airport, talk, if you can’t then hush, if you can’t hush then chose to learn, if you chose not to learn then you are a man with DONKEY CART MENTALITY.

  2. Vincentian/Barbadian? Pot/Kettle? Why are we calling each other stupid? Seems like only stupidness to me.

  3. Mr Browne, we actually live here, do you think that people come on these sites to write crap. Do you really believe that.

    Every word I write I believe to be true, we have a nasty vicious government that attempts to destroy anyone who does not support them. If you are a real person you would know what has been going on.

    I believe you are just another of their paid minions sent to try and hide the truth. Or perhaps you are just the same persone using a different name.

    There is hardly an intelligent person living in SVG or the Diaspora that is not aware of the spite, malice and evil that this government has been meating out. Just as one of many instances look at the case of Bigger Biggs.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      Do really believe that what you write’s about the Airport is facts, or meaningful, it may be your belief, but it’s certainly not facts.
      Let me state this, that if you can build an Airport, then, I’ll withdraw everything I said , and apologies to you, but I know you can’t. that’s why I call you a man with ” DONKEY CART MENTALIY ”
      Poor little St. Vincent struggling for all the years, we fight, we kill, we dig the soil, we fish, we carry load on we head up and down hills to sell, we cut grass, we dig hole, we carry concrete, stones, galvanize and lumber up and down hills upon hills to build houses.
      Generation after generation we labor, now we can get an Airport, you come out of the wood work talking nonsense, and becoming an expert on Airport that you cannot, and will never build.
      I can tell you, that your writhing tells me, that you have a ” donkey cart mentality ” .
      The Donkey or the cart can be useful, which you can be; however, the mind is a terrible thing to waste, and if you chose to waste time on things you fail to comprehend, and then say ” we actually live here ” that tells me that you are as dumb as a FENCE POST.


  4. Shane Daniel says:

    I don’t agree with the article but donkey-cart mentality applies to people like C. ben-David who thinks we don’t need an international airport. Of-course we need it. Affordability is another matter. We must forever try to strive for progress

  5. I am not even a Vincentian and yet I relate strongly to the writer’s point. It is one thing to oppose a particular government (and I must say that, from a distance, Mr. Gonsalves does not impress me). But to go so far as to belittle everything about your own country just to hit at its government is to me immature, unpatriotic and sad.

    1. Clement Percival says:

      Mr or Ms Momoyama,
      I wish to put a scenario to you. From your comments, I deduce that you are a a Bahamian , or at least that is where you are. You have said that you know next to nothing about St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I am not sure that you have ever visited, or if you have, it has been for rather short periods. I also assume that you are a concerned national or resident of the Bahamas, keenly interested in the proper development of the country. Those are my assumptions . Now let us suppose that a government of the Bahamas has embarked on a policy that is very costly to the country, racking up millions of dollars in expenditure, several more times than the GDP, the economic returns of which are doubtful. This initiative, even if well meaning, has choked Government expenditure and has put the country in a fiscal bind. Remember a country called Greece? Now, reasonable and thinking Bahamians begin to to question the Government’s policy choice, pointing out the short and longer term damage being done. Isn’t this their right? Nay, their obligation? Am I, as a Vincentian who has never lived in or perhaps visited the Bahamas, who does not have have to contend with consequence of that policy choice, correct in chastising those Bahamians, calling them names such as immature, unpatriotic, and sad? Would I not be out of my place so to do? Can I expect to be taken seriously ? Think on these things, Momoyama.

      1. Yes in fact I HAVE visited SVG mainland and found it a lovely place. I also have friends from there, most of whom support the opposition. I never engage them in discussions of local Vincentian politics, as I respect their positions as an outsider. However, I see no benefit in bashing the country itself, whether or not you support the present government. Anyone who had never visited SVG, but who just read comments on this and other sites, would have a profoundly and exaggeratedly negative sense of the place.

        All I ask for is balance. Again, I have been to SVG and it is nothing like the negative picture being painted in some of these comments.

      2. Clement Percival says:

        Thanks, but you have not responded to the scenario I put to you, about the right to comment and criticize bad policy making.

    2. Watching Hard says:

      I can agree with momoyama in this regard. Why bash your country? SVG is no worse than any place else. Yes bash the government all you want. They deserve to be bashed but why bash your country? Who does that? What end does it serve? You go to other Caribbean news sites and its Vincies alone out front and center bashing their country.

      SVG may not have as much to offer in terms of conventional tourism but it still has a lot to offer and from what I can see is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. It’s a pity its not appreciated more.

      1. Clement Percival says:

        Since when does reasoned and rational commentary become country bashing? I am reminded of the racist thugs in hard hats in the US, in the 1960s and 1970s, who responded to the movement for equality and peace, with the slogan: ” My country right or wrong! Love it or leave it!” Is that where we have come to, that pointing out what is wrong becomes country bashing? Well! Well! In that case, ” long live country bashing”1

      2. C. ben-David says:

        You say that, “SVG is no worse than any place else.”

        What an inane comment, equivalent to saying “Pakistan is no worse than any place else” or “Sweden is no better than any place else.”

  6. Clement Percival says:

    Mr. Browne,
    A simple question. Assuming you are who you say you are, and live where you say you live, are you prepared immediately to return to St. Vincent and live in a free fall economy, investing what ever to have here? If your answer is no, then be big enough to withdraw your ridiculous statements! If your answer is yes, then ” welcome to donkey-cart mentality land” where someone of your astuteness will easily rise to be “THE KING OF THE ASSES”!

    1. C. ben-David says:

      Well said in your two posts. I doubt very much that momoyama is a Bahamian at all. Why would a lawyer from the Bahamas be so interested in our airport? How would he he have the time during working hours to read and post comments if he had a successful practice? (Being retired I have all the time in the world to do so … but not when I was working?)

      Doesn’t pass the smell test.

      1. It is sad that you focus so much on the person rather than what is being said. You even remember my job! For your information, I take an interest in the entire Caribbean region and developmental issues generally. I have followed the airport at Argyle for years, initially viewing it as a good idea, then subsequently becoming disillusioned with the way the project was being financed and, ultimately, with the motivations of Gonsalves himself.

        Your curious comments about how much time I may or may not have on my hands are very immature coming from a retired person. Is it unthinkable to you that some of us are under less pressure to work for our sustenance than others?

    2. Luther Bonadie says:

      The fact that you are assuming, does high lights that Vincentian “donkey cart mentally”.
      When you assume you are making an ” ass out of you and me ”
      Are you an economist to know what economy is in free fall, and what is not. I can tell from what you wrote that you are not an economist.
      Therefore, I stand by my statement, that anyone including you who assumes anything about anything, falls in the rank of the donkeys.
      I rather live under an KING WHO IS AN ASS, than ASS WHO IS TRYING TO BE A KING.

      1. Clement Percival says:

        BRAVO! BRAVO! I must applaud one who accepts and acknowledges himself for what he is!!! And yes, I am an economist. A developmental economist. Further just a little lesson in the Economics 101. Assumptions are at the base of economics. Ever heard of a little Latin phrase, ” ceteris paribus”?

  7. I have to say Mr Brown is a brave one. The person you have single out is going to try and come very hard at you. They have a personal vendetta against Ralph and his family mainly his children. Peter is media( drunkie) will grab at any thing in the media. Mr Ben is a slightly different case, even though I do see the message you are trying to send across you tend to promote another island tourism and hinder yours. In on of your essay you put
    a picture of duns river falls in Jamaica.It’s a beautiful place but have you ever been to trelawny where the cruise ship dock in Falmouth and walk though the town or have you ever been to Hanover and go to Lucy. Everywhere you go there’s so sort of discomfort but you guys think that St Vincent is a hopeless place. I do think that you give Peter the energy to be the diplomatic donkey he is.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      My friend, I don’t know what picture of Jamaica you are talking about, In my piece there was no reference or picture attached pertaining to Jamaica.

  8. Watching Hard says:

    You all are entitled to your opinion. My statement stands. I’m not going to debate this.

    1. Clement Percival says:

      One does not debate when there are no grounds on which to stand. Your position speaks volumes. You are more than welcome to keep to it, as it reveals the nonsense of what you are saying.

    2. Watching hard – You sound like you see yourself in some position of power! Teacher at the blackboard, government employee with newly acquired position, or perhaps Mama talking down to her children. Your statement leaves me with the impression that you are close minded and not willing to entertain any opinion but your own. Or maybe the bully on the playground? Hmmm (:

  9. Harsh words Comrades. Easy on the hating. What is “donkey cart mentality” anyway? Remember that the donkey cart was also progress. Perhaps like your Cadillac is today. Don’t knock your roots. Be proud of who you are and where you have come from.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      The phrase ” donkey cart ” is used an example of someone how hinders progress, not only for him or herself but for the masses.

      1. Mr. Bonadie, I was being sarcastic. I fully well know what it means. It is just so sad that we are resorting to using such derogatory terms to each other, degrading one another’s intelligence. Can we be civil? Again, in defence of the donkey cart, that was progress. So perhaps we mis-use the term as we are trying so hard to tear each other down. Peace and love.

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