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Lindon Ash.
Lindon Ash.

A large crowd gathered in Rose Place on Friday for the LIME sponsored fish fest, arguably the largest to date.

The event, organised by the Fisheries Department as part of 40 days of activities leading up to Fisherman’s, was an opportunity for persons to converge in the Rose Place and join with fisherfolk to enjoy a wide variety of seafood prepared on the spot in various recipes.

Last Friday’s event also saw the staging of the Man Vs Seafood competition, which has become the most anticipated part of the night, where competitors battle to see who can consume a dish of raw seafood, including sea cockroaches, fish, octopus, sea eggs and squid, among other delicacies.

On that night, one brave woman joined the four men who started at the table, but at the end only two were able to put away the menu placed before them.

Winning the competition for the iron stomach was Lindon Ash, while Maurice John placed second.

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The winner receives a brand new waterproof cell phone with free data, compliments LIME.

As part of its upgrade of fish fest, LIME plans to take the celebrations throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines all year round, as it promotes healthy living and eating, while doing its part to encourage Vincentians to put a fish on their dish.