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Sylvin Schaedle and his ‘Ju-C Sunshine Cake’.
Sylvin Schaedle and his ‘Ju-C Sunshine Cake’.

When Vincentians hear about Ju-c, they generally think of a carbonated soft drink.

However, at the recently concluded ECGC Baking Competition, the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua made history and tried to get persons to associate Ju-C with something we can eat.

With a very short time to prepare an item for this competition the staff of SJCM came together and came up with the idea of baking a ‘Ju-C Sunshine Cake’.

The end product was a cake that will remain forever etched in the memory of those who were able to sample this delicacy produced by the school’s representative, Form 4 student Sylvin Schaedle of Bequia. The production of this cake was no easy feat as every trial cake was critiqued by staff members and ideas given as to how the overall product could be improved.

Schaedle worked under the guidance of Shemroy Roberts a teacher at the school.

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A cross-section of the cake.

This is the second year that the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua has placed 3rd in the secondary schools category of the ECGC Competition. Last year’s representative, Annique Francis, produced a mango cake. Schaedle said he was a bit nervous about entering the competition but confident that he would do well given the support he had from his SJCM family.

SJCM continues to strive for the holistic development of its students and expressed appreciation to ECGC for the opportunity to showcase talent and develop the creativity of its students.