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Residents of Chateaubelair assist in transporting Keno “Choice” Franklyn to hospital Sunday morning.
Residents of Chateaubelair assist in transporting Keno “Choice” Franklyn to hospital Sunday morning.
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The deceased, Shardine Monicia Johnson.
The deceased, Shardine Monicia Johnson.

A Chateaubelair woman is dead and her ex-lover in hospital after a chopping incident in the North Leeward town Sunday morning, months after their relationship ended.

Detective Sergeant Atland Browne of the Major Crime Unit told I-Witness News that sometime before 9 a.m. Sunday police in Chateaubelair, along with members of the Rapid Response Unit, responded to a report that a house was on fire in the Plan area of the town.

He said that the house was occupied by 39-year-old Keno “Choice” Franklyn and 36-year-old Sheline Monicia Johnson.

Browne said that when police arrived, Johnson, who sustained chop wounds to the neck, had been taken to the Chateaubelair Hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 9:10 a.m.

Franklyn, who police suspected inflicted the chop wounds on Johnson, was found in bushes some 300 feet from his home sometime later.

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He is believed to have consumed a poisonous substance and was transferred from the hospital in Chateaubelair to the hospital in Kingstown “for further analysis,” Browne said.

Residents of the town said the chopping is believed to have resulted from an intimate relationship between Franklyn and Johnson that went sour earlier this year.

Franklyn’s house on fire Sunday morning.
Franklyn’s house on fire Sunday morning.

One of Johnson’s neighbours, who identified herself as “DD”, told I-Witness News that she assisted Johnson soon after the incident.

Johnson is said to have moved to a house in Sharpes, another area of the town.

DD said that she learnt of the incident when her brother called out to her telling her to come assist the injured woman.

“When I come out now, I see him (neighbour’s brother) holding up the girl on the porch. So I go to she assistance, then four ah we bring she over into our yard.

“I tie up her neck, then she hold a conversation with me — surprising.

“… I asked she, ‘Monicia, wha’ yo’ doing here?’ She say, ‘He Keno call me tell me come for me chair and them 8 o’clock.’

Chateaubelair residents help to put out the fire at Franklyn’s house.

“She said when she in the house, he asked she to make up back with him, and she say no. Then he grabble she by she pants and say, ‘Ah dead yo’ dead’, drag she into the bedroom. When she in the bedroom, she say he choke she and gi’ she two chop and she drop on the ground, and he light the bed afire.

“So I say, ‘Whey he dey?’ She say, ‘He gone’,” DD told I-Witness News.

She said that someone who came by with a car took Johnson to the hospital, located nearby.

Johnson’s death brings to 10 the number of homicides in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year, the fifth in the last two weeks.

2 replies on “Woman dead, ex-lover in hospital after chopping incident in Chateaubelair”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    Why didn’t the blasted man just drink some gramazone to end his misery and horniness long ago?

    If he really loved this woman, he wouldn’t have abused and beat her to the point that they had to dispatch.

    Why did this worthless SOB have to murder the woman he mistreated so long and so much?

    God willing, he will die in the hospital.

  2. Ben you are not to wish bad for others no matter what type of wick act they did, there is a god and he is the one to judge us at the end of the day. what the guy did it was horrible and it is very wrong no one knows what was going on between them and you running off your mouth wishing death on another person know that it could have been some one for you who did what he did any thing can trigger a person even you and me can just flip for what ever reason and do something stupid that no one expect so tek you mouth off the people them child because am sure u have skeleton in your closet too. no better beef no better barrel and always remember he is not the first to kill some one and he will not be the last and she is not the first to get her life taken innocently and she will not be the last. so stop being a SOB and say some comforting words for at least the girl family or shut up. cause wishing bad wont bring either of them back

    God don’t like evil for evil……..

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