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GHS steel orchestra

Girl High School Steel Orchestra. (IWN photo)

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Girl’s High School secured a 30-point decisive victory over C.W. Prescod Primary to retain their title in the School-Based Bands segment of Junior Panorama at Victoria Park on Sunday.

The school’s interpretation of Winston Soso’s “Set It Off” amassed 260 points.

St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown was third playing Maddzart’s “Life of the Carnival”, which received 207.

Seven bands participated in that element of the competition.

Starlift Steel Orchestra.
Starlift Steel Orchestra.

Starlift Steel Orchestra also retained its title in the Community-based bands segment of the competition.

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The Montrose-based orchestra tallied 266 points, playing “Pan Jam” by X-A-Dus.

Second was Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra, which amassed 252 points with their interpretation of Ricky Melville’s “Mr. Music Man”.

Third was “Symphonix Steel Orchestra”, which performed “Jam Dem” by Touch, gaining 241 points.

Five bands competed in that element of the competition.