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A man replaces the damaged window at Coreas City store on Tuesday. (IWN photo)
A man replaces the damaged window at Coreas City store on Tuesday. (IWN photo)

A flat screen television used to disseminate information about Argyle International Airport was stolen from the show window of Coreas City Store in Kingstown this week.

A store official said police discovered Tuesday morning that the store window had been broken and the television removed.

The television is believed to have been stolen sometime between closing hours Monday night and Tuesday morning.

It is the only item known to have been stolen from the store. The official said there is no evidence that the burglar(s) actually entered the store.

I-Witness News was unsuccessful in its attempts on Thursday to reach spokesperson for the International Airports Development Company, Jennifer Richardson to determine the size and value of the television.

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A Coreas official said that it is the second burglar at the store this year.

A passer-by saw a burglar in the store about three months ago and sounded the alarm.

The burglar escaped with a few bottles of liquor.

7 replies on “Airport Company’s TV stolen from store window in Kingstown”

    1. It is generally acknowledged that :
      ” A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS ” . It is also often stated that :

      That being the case , the assertion by C. ben-David is sheer nonsense , and that is putting it mildly . It is a very well known fact that the Political Climate in SVG is heating up . There is no doubt in my mind that one of the motives for stealing the TV , was also politically motivated .

      The progress being made at the Argyle International Airport , is making the NDP fearful . But let me remind all & sundry who read this online Newspaper . The Opposition Party had an opportunity to build an International Airport on the mainland . History informs us that they did not
      build an International Airport on the mainland . Now this is not a figment of my imagination .

      I have no doubt that C. ben-David , applauded the woman who wished that
      a Tsunami would come and wash away the Argyle Airport . When People can publicly state something like that , they and those with that mentality
      can only be described as being INSANE .

      Lost on some people in SVG , is the fact that the Argyle Airport is not for the
      NDP ; the ULP or any political party in SVG . THE AIRPORT IS BEING BUILT FOR ALL VINCENTIANS . Therefore it is asinine for ANYONE to
      wish ill of the Airport , which is a very important component in the development of St. Vincent & the Grenadines .

      It is astounding that People will actually utter such stupidity , simply because the current Government is building the Airport . The ULP was in office for many years , It did not build an International Airport on the mainland while in Office . That was not the current Government fault . the NDP squandered its opportunity to build an Airport on the Mainland , that was not the fault of the ULP .

      Finally let me say this , for C.ben-David to call what was being shown on the TV Propaganda , informs me that he needs to look up the word Propaganda in the Dictionary , He will find that he is barking up the wrong Tree .


      1. C. ben-David says:

        The Argyle International Airport is being built for one and only one purpose: that the Ralph Gonsalves government is returned to power time and time again.

    2. Luther Bonadie says:

      I can see that progress hurts you real bad.
      Now let me say this to you , you are a nasty son of a bitch.
      That comment you made about less propaganda , and it’s good to seal.
      You are a DOG.

      1. Ralph Bonadie, You forgot to use the word dirty with the word dog.

        It would be rather nice if you tried to behave yourself when you come here and comment on content instead of calling people nasty names. But I suppose that is typical Ralph.

        One thing for sure your behaviour exposes your bad breeding, you must be a part of one of what I call the scum families.

  1. C. ben-David says:

    All that those who support the airport can say about those who don’t is to call them “insane,” “stupid,” “a nasty son of a bitch,” “and “dogs.”

    They can offer not one iota of evidence that the airport is needed or how it will make us better off as a people.

    Cursing and insulting people is the last refuge of those who can’t offer reasoned arguments to support their position.

  2. The Manager of Corea’s needs to install a closed circuit camera at its show windows , since
    this is the second time that its show window has been vandalized . This would deter anyone from doing damage to its Show Windows . More importantly the person or persons who break the Show Windows would be recorded . As I stated to C.ben-David ” THE CAMERA

    I recall many years ago when the NDP was in the governance of St. Vincent & the Grenadines , it received money from the European Union to build an Airport , I was euphoric
    because I was under the impression that the money was earmarked to build an International
    Airport ; which was going to make those of us who live in the Diaspora not have to travel the
    island of Sir Grantley Adams Airport , that is located in the Island of Barbados .

    Sadly I was wrong , that money was spent to build a small Airport for Bequia , which is close
    to being a White Elephant . So now that the Argyle Airport is seeing real progress , the NDP
    & its Supporters are Weeping & Gnashing their Teeth . While completely ignoring the fact that THEY had an opportunity to build an Airport .

    Now this aint a Figment of my Imagination , Ask anyone who lives in the Diaspora what they
    think of the Argyle Airport , and I am willing to bet that 100% of them are in favour of the Argyle International Airport . My take is that by not building an International Airport , the NDP

    C. ben-David cannot respond to what I write here , because he knows that what I state here
    is the Truth . I dare him to state that what I have written here is Propaganda , HE must specifically state what specifically I have stated can be construed as being Propaganda . It
    is C.ben-David who is spreading Propaganda in this online Newspaper .


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