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This week’s winners:

  • Dalcia Philgence, Sandy Bay
  • Beverly Faye-Ann Bailey, Rillan Hill
  • Suzette May, Campden Park

(See questions and instruction on how you can win at the end of this episode.)

By Marlon Bute

Episode 6: Pay Up!

“Yes, Mr. Bakr, what you want now?”

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Her hair looked ruffled and her tee shirt was on back to front. Maybe she was sleeping. It seemed to the hairless, tobacco-chewing landlord, that all she did was sleep. After eight months in his apartment, she hadn’t worked a day in her life. He couldn’t imagine his own wife being so lazy; he had her working two jobs, and even his two daughters who were students, both had two part-time jobs.

He doubted whether she would ever work in this country or that she had ever worked a single day in her life. Her husband, on the other hand, had two jobs, and was hardly at home. Whenever, he saw the husband, he always appeared tired. And, it wasn’t hard for him to tell that her husband could do with a good home cooked meal.

He looked at her brows and her nails and he could tell that she was taking care of herself. She had pierced her ears again and was showing off beautiful diamond earrings, a new addition to the others she wore. He hoped she had his rent. Money couldn’t be scarce when she was looking so fine.

“Well, you know what I want. It’s almost the middle of the month and I am still to receive my rent. Besides, I told you last time around that I really can’t deal with this late payment nonsense.”

“Oh, Mr. Bakr, don’t be mean. You know we always pay. And we will. Just give us another two days,” she said.

“Two days, then four days and what next, a damn month?” Bakr responded.

“Oh, come on, don’t get upset, or, we could work it out, if you want I could….”

“We don’t have anything to work out, Miss Seetha, except $1,100 in two days, or you and that husband who is always working but can’t make ends meet will have to hit the road”.

He spun around and disappeared before Seetha could tell him that she could supply him with good hot meals to make up for the few hundred dollars that they were short.

When she returned to her room, Julian was sprawled out on the bed, with a grin on his narrow face. That’s all he ever did. He was good in bed, but didn’t have a penny. Today was going to be the last that she was seeing him. It wasn’t right that her man was working hard and she was fooling around behind his back and feeding people with his sweat.

No, she would have to find someone who could help out the situation a little bit.

“Get your ass up right now. You got to go.”

“Come on cherry. You can’t be serious. We just got started.”

“Get up and leave before I call the cops.”

Julian bounced out of bed. His athletic body glistened, a result of genes, rather than diet and exercise.

“Ok, but don’t call me when you need me.”

“That’s alright. I won’t call and have a good life.”

She opened the door to let him out.

“And, Julian, I don’t know you or never met you or anything like that.”

She slammed the door in his face.

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  1. What was the crop that Ramnarine planted?
  2. What was Boysie’s hunting tool?
  3. Who did Ramnarine live with when he first went to Toronto?
  4. What was the cause of death of Ramnarine’s livestock?
  5. Why did Ramarine leave Canada and return to TNT?

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