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Commercial Manager Dionne Emtage handsover 1000 to winner Marlene Ash

Commercial Manager Dionne Emtage hands over $1,000 to winner Marlene Ash.

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Digicel continues to deliver rewards to their customers during summer.

Since the launch of its unlimited talk and texts plans, customers have been rewarded daily for simply topping up and sending a text “2FOR5” to 1130.

The reward of $1,000 cash “could not have come at a better time” stated many of the winners.

Digicel’s marketing executive, Danielle Cupid, said the company “looked closely at the timing of this promotion when deciding what prizes we should give.

“The unanimous decision was CASH, CASH, CASH. With carnival just having finished and the onset of back to school and summer vacations we knew that there could be no better reward for our valued customers,” Cupid said.

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To date, 10 lucky winners have collected their $1,000 cash reward.

The promotion continues into August when there will be dozens more winners in the Digicel “2FOR5” $1,000 cash promotion.