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The 2015 Masters Cricket tournament will begin Sunday with some of the top local cricketers moving from the serious to the past-time level.

The tournament caters for players who have attained the age of 40 years, regardless of skill level, tournament organisers say.

Tournament co-ordinator, Selwyn Allen, said that the event is held mainly to give players an opportunity to still play some competitive cricket with little stress even though he was quick to point out that the players are still serious about results.

Allen said that they encourage teams from different parts of the island to take part as is evident by the participation of teams from North Leeward and the northeast.

He said that it is the intention of the organisers though to not go beyond the 15 or 16 teams that they have been going with over the years.

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Allen said that the numbers are 15 this year even though some teams are not returning from last year.

Three of the 14 teams that participated in the 2014 tournament have not registered for 2015. They are Kingstown Masters, Henny Penny Masters and Richards Masters.

Three new teams have registered for 2015. They are RYB Challengers Masters, Marriaqua Masters and Park Hill United Masters.

In addition, Barrouallie Masters have returned to the competition. Hence there are 15 teams for 2015, a release from the organisers stated.

The 2014 tournament served up some memorable matches with none more so than the match in which the Sion Hill Maters pair of Bill Edwards and Ronald Medford completed a record 10 runs off a single ball against Newcomers North East Masters with the likes of Orlanzo Jackson and Deighton Butler won the 2014 tournament.

The 2015 teams and Zones read:

ZONE A: North East Masters, Stanley Browne’s Stubbs Masters, Bequia Cricket Association Masters, St. Vincent Cooperative Bank Ptani Masters, Kirk DaSilva’s La Croix Masters, Park Hill United Masters, Marriaqua Masters, Cato’s Heavy Equipment Glamorgan Masters

ZONE B: RSVG Police Masters, Belfongo Masters, North Leeward Masters, Pastures Masters, RYB Challengers Masters, Barrouallie Masters, Sion Hill Masters

The fixtures for this Sunday follows: Sunday Sept. 20           10 a.m.: SVG Cooperative Bank Ptani Masters vs Marriaqua Masters at Arnos Vale One

10 a.m.: Kirk DaSilva’s La Croix Masters vs Stanley Browne’s Stubbs Masters at Arnos Vale Two

2 p.m.: Belfongo Masters vs RSVG Police Masters at Arnos Vale One

2 p.m.: Cato’s Heavy Equipment Glamorgan Masters vs North East Masters at Park Hill

2 p.m.: Sion Hill Masters vs RYB Challengers Masters at Arnos Vale Two