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Sen. Luke Browne, ULP candidate for East Kingstown. (IWN photo)
Sen. Luke Browne, ULP candidate for East Kingstown. (IWN photo)
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Sen. Luke Browne, the ruling Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for East Kingstown, is accusing MP for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock, of trying to undermine his colleague and party president, Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace.

Browne based his accusation on a development earlier this month, which saw Leacock admitting to I-Witness News that he was wrong about the boundaries between his Central Kingstown constituency and East Kingstown, which Eustace represents.

“At the end of the day, we have a man in Leacock, he moving up and down the place as if he is some strong man in Central Kingstown. And all it take (sic) was one shot from a young man in East Kingstown to cut him down to size,” Browne said at the ULP rally in Redemption Sharpes.

He was speaking about East Kingstown resident Shavis Trimmingham, who has accused Leacock of exploiting his ignorance of the constituency boundaries and causing him to register erroneously in Central Kingstown.

“Imagine they have the heart to go on radio and to accuse people of registering in East Kingstown when they are the ones who ain’t above board with that matter,” Browne said of the opposition.

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The NDP has threatened to sue persons who register or transfer their voter registration to constituencies in which they do not live.

Leader of the Opposition, Arnhim Eustace. (IWN photo)
Leader of the Opposition, Arnhim Eustace. (IWN photo)

Browne, who will make a second attempt to unseat Eustace in general elections later this year, said that in the 2010 polls the NDP tied him up in court with illegal voter registration lawsuits, and took up precious time from his campaign.

“And they come to try that trick again in this election … That is why we are not going to fall for their tricks with respect to registration and we not going to fall with any other dirty tricks that they could come with now to throw smoke in your eyes and to distract you from the outstanding record of this Unity Labour Party administration,” Browne said.

He said Trimmingham corrected his voter registration and now the NDP seems to have a problem with persons transferring and registering in their correct constituency.

Browne further said that Leacock told I-Witness News that he knows the boundaries and accused the young man of being ignorance.

MP for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock. (IWN photo)
MP for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock. (IWN photo)

But later, the Central Kingstown MP went back to I-Witness News to say he was wrong, Browne pointed out.



“A man like that should resign and vacate his seat in Parliament. You could be so wrong and strong about an issue, you could accuse people of ignorance and when you hear the truth of the matter you are the one who is ignorant about what is going on?” Browne said.

“But at the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves a question: is it true that he didn’t know the boundaries for the constituency or did he know the boundaries and deliberately set out to undermine Eustace in East Kingstown?

“He [is] deliberately trying to undermine his very own leader. Well, I have to tell him (Leacock) he don’t have to worry about undermining him, because we go deal with him (Eustace),” Browne said.

“So if Leacock wah fight up to be leader of the NDP, he ain’t go ha’ Arnhim Eustace to worry about, but he still can’t get past Beresford Phillips. So he needs to look for a different profession.”

Phillips is the ULP’s candidate for Central Kingstown.

Browne said the young people will not be intimidated by what he said the NDP was trying to do.

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  1. Luke Browne you like your other party colleagues especially your PM and those on StarFm have nothing to talk about to gave Mr Trimmingham and the thousands of unemployed youths of SVG any hope of a brighter future filled with jobs,jobs and more jobs so you all dwell on trivialities.If these persons are living on the border line and even Ms Sylvia Findlay told us that she has to look into the issue as to exactly where the boundary is what does that tell us.You need to look very close and you will see where dishonesty really is if you are still trying to imply that Mr Leacock is dishonest.Ralph has already undermined the likes of you and Saboto when he brought in Camillo through the back door.Camillo had recently stated that he has no interest in being a candidate and now he is the prince waiting to take over from the King.

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