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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Pharmacy Council says it is in the process of registering entities that trade in poison, in order to fulfill the requirements of the law.

Joann Ince-Jack, chair of the council, said in a statement that a person shall not carry on a business that includes the selling by retail of a poison unless the business is carried on in a registered pharmacy, or is operated by a person registered as an authorized seller or poisons.

Registration as an authorized seller of poisons may be obtained by applying to the council in a manner approved by the Council and on payment of the prescribed fee, she said.

Every person whose business includes the selling of poisons by retail shall keep all such poisons in a suitable container.

Containers must be distinctly labeled with the name of the poison and bear a distinctive mark, in red, that it is poison.

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The poison must be kept in an area or cupboard set apart exclusively for the keeping of poisons, and such area or cupboard shall be kept locked.

Ince-Jack said that a person shall not sell, dispense or deliver poison to any other person unless the container in which the poison is sold, dispensed or delivered is distinctly labeled in the prescribed manner with the word “POISON”.

The container must be labeled with the name of the poison and the name of the seller and the buyer of the poison and the address of the premises at which it was sold.

The container must also be labeled with the date on which the poison is sold.