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Students pose with school officials and members of the Past Students Association after receiving the supplies. (IWN photo)

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Member of the Clare Valley Government School Past Students Association this week donated some 125 water bottles and t-shirts to be worn during physical education classes and other supplies to the primary school as part of their annual contribution to the institution.

New York-based Vincentians Kesha Slater-Latchman and Rawlo Wilson of K&R Promotions spearheaded the sourcing and transportation of the supplies.

They were supported by benefactors such as Garth Collis, Arthalie Caruth and Aunties Pinkie and Jacklyn “Jackie’ Richards, who also contributed to the backpacks which were made available to students earlier in this year.

Slater-Latchman’s mother, Cheryl Slater, handed over the items to head teacher Godfrey James during a brief ceremony witnessed by staff and students and Grenville Williams and Nadia Slater, past students of CVGS who contributed to the effort in various way.

“Today’s presentation is inspired by another past student of this institution, Mr. Tevin Slater, … a member of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Football team in 2015. A team that has successfully battled thus far to qualify for the next round of matches on the road to the World Cup to be held in Russia in 2018,” Williams said.

Cheryl Slater, mother of Kesha Slater-Latchman, does a symbolic handover of the items to head teacher Godfrey James. (IWN photo)
Cheryl Slater, mother of Kesha Slater-Latchman, does a symbolic handover of the items to head teacher Godfrey James. (IWN photo)

“Tevin’s contribution to this sport that is very popular worldwide should serve as an inspiration to you. First, you should receive this contribution in a spirit of gratitude. Second, you should maximize the use of these games Tee-Shirts and water bottles by ensuring that you are always eager and excited to participate in the physical education classes scheduled,” Williams told students.

“Third beyond the schedule you should seek opportunities to develop your abilities as junior sports boys and girls representing your school, your communities and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Fourth, you should envision the future, wherein one day just like Tevin you will represent St. Vincent at the highest level in whatever sporting discipline you excel,” he said.

Williams urged the students to take good care of the items.

“Utilise them for the purpose intended. This is one less resource challenge that you will face. I am certain that those who give of their time and energies to acquire these items on your behalf would be pleased if it is reported that the students by their actions have demonstrated true appreciation for these gifts. You will be an inspiration to them to undertake further philanthropic pursuits on your behalf,” he said.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all,” Williams further said, quoting Aristotle.

Meanwhile, Nadia Slater noted that it was Slater-Latchman’s idea to form the past students association.

“… we launched a drive to get the school some supplies and since then, Kesha’s passion for building her community never left her when she migrated. She has been consistent in her contributions showing that it really comes from the heart,” Slater said.

She said Slater-Latchman is an example for many Vincentians living abroad.

“It really doesn’t take much to give back to your community — just dedication and the right attitude.

“I work within the Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit and it is these sorts of endeavours that we encourage because as small as it may seem, these sort of contributions extends to community development and spurs development at the national level,” Slater said.

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