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Fire destroyed the top, wooden section of the Unity Labour Party’s campaign office in South Leeward, located at Chauncey,  Thursday night.

The concrete ground floor of the building did not seem to have been affected by the blaze.

Sen. Jomo Thomas, the ULP’s candidate for South Leeward in the upcoming general elections, commented on the development in a post on Facebook Friday morning.

He said the blaze was “a strange occurrence coming less than a month after the successful office re-branding and the magnificent showing at our political rally in Retreat, Vermont last Sunday”.

The aftermath of the fire. (IWN photo)
The aftermath of the fire. (IWN photo)

He, however, said that police will investigate the cause or causes of the fire.

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“In the interim, all of Labour comrades in South Leeward and indeed across the country are commanded to remain calm and continue with their work,” said Thomas, a first time candidate.

“We cannot afford to be distracted. We got an elections to win. We got a country to build.

Let us go forward with our work confident of the victory that is surely coming.

Power to the people,” Thomas further wrote.

I-Witness News was unsuccessful in its attempts to reach Thomas by telephone Friday morning.

When we visited the scene, a part of the building was still smouldering.

A burnt-out deep freezer, bottles, and the iron frame of a tent were among the items that remain among the debris.

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  1. So what information was Jomo burning here? ULP may try to pin this fire on NDP, but by now folks know that ULP are the fire people.

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