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The main opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) has remained silent on recordings being circulated electronically of a man, whose voice sounds strikingly similar to that of a senior member of the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP), having “phone sex” with a young woman.

At the same time, ULP activists hosting radio programmes have put their public relations efforts into overdrive, suggesting that the voice of the man is computer-generated even as they claim to have identified the woman from her voice on the recording.

Leader of the Opposition and head of the NDP, Arnhim Eustace, did not comment on the recording on his radio programme on Monday.

But programme moderator Clemroy Bert Francois mentioned the recordings, telling listeners:

“We will not be discussing the tape that is circulating. You are free to discuss it wherever, but we have taken a decision. As of now (For now), we will not be discussing that. That will have to take its own course.”

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On Tuesday, Joseph Burn Bonadie, a trade unionist and ULP activist, announced on radio what he said was the name of the female in recording, who he said is 26 years old.

Another source told I-Witness News that she is 22.

“I believe that somewhere along the persons mention their name,” Bonadie said.

But while the young woman mentioned a first name in at least one of the recordings obtained by I-Witness News, she did not mention her full name, as Bonadie did.

“And this tape that is making the rounds was hatched in the highest echelons of — what would I call it? It was organised, and I will give you some more details,” Bonadie said.

He told listeners that the young lady left SVG on Sunday accompanied by a young man, whom he named, and travelled to another Caribbean country, where he said they are now “holed up in a hotel”.

Bonadie said that the young woman’s mother works for a relative of an NDP official and that the man who accompanied the woman out of St. Vincent is also a relative of an NDP official.

“I give you these details because both of them left here on Sunday. They sat on the LIAT flight seat 12B and … seat 12A … and they checked in the hotel in [the Caribbean country] in the same room.

“I give you that information because if you cannot go to the electorate with a programme and a plan for the upcoming elections, you bought several people to get traction. This is a plot planned in the highest quarters in this country,” Bonadie said.

“Yo’ have to add and put one and one together,” he said.

A source claiming to be in the know has told I-Witness News that the young woman in a “sex tape” left SVG out of concern for her safety.

At least three recordings have surfaced over the past few days of the woman and the man having what has been described as “phone sex”, discussing politics, and an “infection” for which the woman said she had been tested.

The woman is said to have been a voluntary participant in both the sexually explicit conversations and the recording of them.

“I can say that she wasn’t paid or offered any money. I think she just wanted to expose him,” a source, who asked not to be identified in this story, told I-Witness News.

In one of the recordings, the female greets the male saying, “Hi, baby. How are you?”

He responds, “Hi. I’m okay. I just got back from Parliament. I called yesterday and didn’t get you.”

She goes on to say, “I am here thinking about our phone conversations from before, and I’m so wet.”

“You are wet? Oh baby…” he says and the two go almost immediately into a sexually-explicit conversation that suggests mutual masturbation.

During the conversation, the man refers to the woman as “my wife” and tells her he is performing oral sex on her.

“I was thinking about you whole time. I thought you didn’t want me anymore,” she says at one point, to which he responds, “Yes.”

The conversation also suggests that the two had met in person before and that she has seen his genitals.

The man also asked the woman if she wants him to impregnate her, using a colloquial work for conception.

“Yes,” she responds. “I’m ready for your baby.”

Towards the end of the conversation, after what sounds like sexual climax, the man says: “They had me all day in Parliament. I’m gonna go and sleep.”

“Okay. I hope you sleep well,” she says, before they say goodbye to each other.

In a separate 3:20 recording, the female ask the male about a meeting that he attended.

He says it was fine, then asks her “How yo’ feel things going with the campaign.”

“Really good,” she responds.

The male then asks who she thinks will win in a particular constituency and she responds identifying a particular candidate.

“I believe so too,” the man says, adding, “It seems as though he has very good support going.”

The two then talked a little about a television show that the woman said she was watching.

He then tell her “But yo’ can’t do anything yet with me?”

“No, I can’t she responds.”

“What kind of infection they say you have?” he asks.

“They didn’t say. I told you everything came back OK but they told me I should wait, do another HIV test before anything; because not because it is negative it is actually that way.”

“I see,” he responds and asks her if she is worried.

“Not really, but I want to be sure,” she says. “I want to be like a hundred per cent that—”

In an 18-minute recording, the two also talked about “an infection”, with the man asking the woman if she is feeling good now because the last time she was by him she was worried about an infection.

She said that she was told she had to go back, presumably to healthcare providers, who she said told her “not because it is that way now it doesn’t mean — and that I should be more careful and that sort of thing.”

The man asked the woman what type of infection it was, and she says there wasn’t any.

“I told you I wasn’t sure of my status because of what happened,” she said, adding after a pause, “But I have one more test to do and then I’ll be sure.”

The conversation then moves to phone sex.

Speculations are rife about who created the tape and their intention and why it was leaked at the time it was.

13 replies on “NDP mum as ULP goes defensive over sex tape”

  1. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:


    Here we go again with the ULP doing their usual distraction so we do not notice that:
    Roads are not fixed
    Crime is prevalent
    Jobs are scarce
    So is money
    Commercial foreign aircraft are not landing in Argyle
    Corruption is rife in the ULP Government
    Taxes are high and going higher.
    Their claims for quality schools are bogus
    Favoritism is the order of the day
    Agriculture is dying
    Banana is dead

    Those are the issues to be dealt with.

  2. I have no issue with phone sex, Internet sex, underwater sex, etc. between consenting adults.

    What I do have a big problem with is Burns Bonadie’s conflict of interest.

    In a civilized country, Bonadie could not head a labour union composed of government employees and be employed by the government and ruling party at the same time.

    Hence, SVG is not a civilized country.

    Will the NDP promise to outlaw such practices if it is elected to rule?

  3. Really?

    This is obviously a distraction attempt and deliberately released to try unseat the ULP. Too obvious so I call it NONSENSE

  4. Clement Percival says:

    Thank you, IWN, for being bold enough to put this out there. I agree with the NDP not to make it part of their campaign offering , letting it speak for itself among Vincentians. I am not so concerned about how it was done, in this modern age of telecommunications technology, where the statement ” user beware”, must be foremost in the midst of those who are communicating certain things. I am more concerned with the authenticity of the exchange. Knowing the male voice as I do, and the person behind the voice, for over forty years in many and various forums and conversations, there is no doubt in my mind about who it is. I also know the kinds of things he speaks about in personal, albeit sometimes public, conversations. As for Burns Bonadie and his facile attempt at damage control, i expect nothing more. I happen to also know Burns very well, and nothing he does or says can have any meaning for me, as he exemplifies what “singing for his supper” means.
    I am far more concerned about those persons in the echelons of the ULP, who continue to accept and excuse certain behaviors within their leadership ranks. This is a last chance for them to recover some modicum of dignity, and to show that there is still something of value that they hold to.
    Late as it is, I am calling on Mrs. Girlyn Miguel, Mr. Malcolm Charles, Mr. Jomo Thomas, to show some respect for themselves and their self worth, and to immediately disassociate themselves from the person who could indulge in such an exchange, given what that person purports to represent. Don’t hide behind such transparent defense as ” we don’t know who it is”, “we don’t have any proof’, “it is his business how he wants to behave”. You all darnel know who it is, and what it says about that person. Don’t align with the efforts of Burns and his those like him, to throw a young lady under the bus, for her having been suckered by powerful individuals into certain behaviors that she no doubt figured who bring her some kind of reward . Take that however it can be taken. This must not be about the young lady, it must not be about the making of the recording. It must simply be about the distasteful and unacceptable expressions coming the mind and mouth of someone whom should hold to higher ideals.
    To those persons I have called out, and others like them, the time is now to take a noble stance against demeaning behaviors. Stand up and be counted .

  5. See the following for a slightly different interpretation from straight from the PM:

    Though this a trivial issue for me — unless there was a possible setup coming from the opposition, as Bonadie and Gonsalves seem to allege — there is software available to determine with a high degree of reliability whether such conversations are human or computer-generated.

  6. Lawd ah mercy…while I find all this funny, I condone this act of taping folks with out their consent and putting it out in the public.

    I believe grown folks have a right to act and speak in any manner in the privacy of their home. I think this female deserve two bulwood for this act of taping the conversation and yes I am saying she is the one who taped the conversation; who else will do such a thing, the man, please.

    I hope the NDP have the political acumen and decency to distance themselves far away from this “sex tape”.

  7. Character matters. At least, it should in SVG.

    Sex addiction is a real mental condition that can have adverse effects in every aspect of life.

    I don’t know what was the purpose of this so called sex tape. Whatever it was, it was quite an amateurish and unsophisticated execution of whatever. Sexual morality is not an issue in SVG. There are more effective ways of bringing the issue of character into the spotlight, if that’s what they were trying to do.

  8. Now wonder the ULP is not going to as they say get into gutter politics no talking about who having sex with who and all that stuff. Things is thou is one of the two parties have HIV or some kind of STD and may have passed it on to the other that’s the scary part for me? I happen to believe that what a man and woman do as long as they are of legal age and its not force that’s their business.

  9. I am no sound engineer or specialist but common sense tells me it’s the old man that recorded this because you are hearing him much clearer and louder than the young female. Someone with a history of creating his own opposition when no one is paying attention to him.

  10. It is reprehensible that Burns Bonadie should have access to the LIAT flight and seat numbers of these people something that had to be passed on to him by the airline, a “hanging offence” in any civilized country.

    No wonder they had to flee SVG fearing for their lives.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      The only thing reprehensible here is you sticking your noise where it does not concern you.
      That LAZY Eustace withholding of information is that not a hanging offence .
      You stupid one eye, one mouth Vincentian.

  11. Regardless of the circumstances of the recording; i.e whether genuine or made up, who is Burns Bonadie to make public the full name of the woman concerned?

    Why was he given the details of the flight that she left the country on and why does he think that he has the authority to broadcast this to all and sundry?

    Why did he broadcast their location? Surely this is in breach of their privacy.

    Anyone would think that people like Burns Bonadie were above the law. If a criminal offense took place, surely it is for the police and ultimately the DPP to decide if any charges should be brought against any individual.

    It’s no wonder they chose to leave the island because if this is the fall out and they are not there, imagine what would happen if they were still in the island.

  12. There are tests that can be applied to prove or disprove if these tapes are the real people.

    I believe they are real and am lead to believe there are others which will be released during early December.

    Silly old twerps like Burns should keep their mouths shut until scientific evidence is applied.

    As for releasing names of persons who may well have nothing whatsoever to do with this matter is an outrageous act which he may well have to defend himself in a court of law without the protection that he currently has.

    I know the man very well and believe it is him, but let the scientific analysis take place.

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