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Fashion Caribbean

LIME Fashion Caribbean returns on Feb. at the SVG Community College. After a short postponement due to heightened election activities in November, Image Modeling Agency, the organisers of LIME Fashion Caribbean, is back on schedule for hosting the event in February.

The show will feature over 15 of the region’s best designers representing Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Trinidad and host country St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

With the additional planning time the agency has added an extra day to the event in the form of the Fashion Caribbean Trunk Show, which will be held on the following day, Valentine’s Day, at The Grenadine House Hotel. This event will be a fusion of fashion, food and music and will be an opportunity for the public to mix and mingle with all the Fashion Caribbean designers and see the collections up close and personal. There will also be a live jazz band on site and special Valentine’s Day/Fashion Caribbean menus available from The Grenadine House kitchen.

“After past shows, we always have patrons asking how they can see the clothes or how to get in touch with designers who have shown and also the designers asking for ways to engage with the public after the event. Therefore we felt it worthwhile to include the Trunk Show which now completes the Fashion Caribbean experience”, said Monique Tash, Image’s Managing Director.

The Fashion Caribbean Trunk Show is being held in conjunction with The Grenadine House and is expected to become a fixture of Fashion Caribbean going forward in an effort to increase the viability of the event for all participants and to add extra value for the patrons.

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