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The IMF is urging the government to self-insure against natural disasters.
The IMF is urging the government to self-insure against natural disasters.
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The Meteorological Office is forecasting generally cloudy to overcast weather with scattered moderate to heavy showers mainly over North Windward and North Leeward Friday night.

The forecast for more rain comes even as some areas of the country experienced flooding as a result of heavy downpours earlier on Friday.

The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said Friday evening that it is advising all residents and motorists in these areas to exercise caution.

Heavy showers and periods of rain from a trough system resulted in flooding in the northeast of St. Vincent on Friday.

NEMO said that the rivers in Noel, Savannah Gutter and Overland overflowed and caused disruption in traffic.

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There were also reports of flooding in Rabacca.

NEMO said that reports also indicated flooding and damage to a bridge at O’Briens Valley.

“The Ministry of Transport and Works and BRAGSA are conducting assessments, and clean-up operations are expected to continue into tomorrow (Saturday),” NEMO said.

2 replies on “More heavy rain expected amidst flooding in St. Vincent”

  1. Patrick Ferrari says:

    If there is any damage, any loss, or if there isn’t, remember this day good because galvanize, cement and lumber would be distributed in the next general elections in five years’ time to aid the victims of the 2016 floods in Savannah Gutter and Overland rivers.

    However, the materials would not necessarily go to the victims who suffered trauma from a river flooded. It would necessarily go to the people where the votes are most needed to win the area. It would be distributed to prevent possible trauma of losing.

  2. Rabacca? Is the bridge still there? How ironic that the cement and lumber needed for repairs was given out as election bribe.

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