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The Tus-T Water Breakfast Initiative is said to be impacting the lives of the children for whom it is designed.

This, despite some of the speed bumps experienced during the programme’s initial pilot, which was run during November and December 2015.

Founder and CEO of Tus T Water, Dwight Hillocks, says the success so far, can be attributed to the smooth implementation of ideas and suggestions provided by participating schools in the first pilot. Sixty children are being fed daily from 10 menus that have been sanctioned by the Ministry of Health.

The menus are recycled every 10 days.

Principal of the Langley Park Government School Elva Springer has noticed the impact the programme is having at her institution.

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“The recipients are more alert and energetic,” she notes.

She is pleased that the programme is benefitting the most needy at her school.

Meanwhile, the children of the Richland Park Government School are also reaping the benefits of the programme.

Principal of Richland Park Government School, Carol Miller observes that one of the beneficiaries in particular, usually requests an extra serving.

“It appears as though he has gained weight. These children usually assist in cleaning up, voluntarily washing dishes at the end of breakfast.”

She explains that since the programme commenced she observed this duty being handled by the children themselves, something she commends and is very proud of.

The New Grounds Primary School also reports the programme’s positive impact on participating children, with Principal Sheldon Govia observing change in one student in particular whose work, punctuality and behaviour have turned around significantly, now that he has access to breakfast each day.

The “Start Bright” breakfast programme was first piloted in St. Vincent and the Grenadines late last year.

The Tus-T Water brainchild is now into Phase 2, which runs until month end.

AIR CEO, Dwight Hillocks, says that they are continuing to refine the process in this phase of the programme and hope to boost the texting and water sales process.

This, in an effort to defray the cost of the breakfast and reward system that is also being tested.

Hillocks said: “The Breakfast Initiative continues to be a project in progress. There is an ongoing effort to refine the process and smooth out logistics, which include, grocery delivery, meal preparation, serving and more. The Start Bright Tus-T Breakfast Initiative is also in the process of collaborating with the Youth Empowerment Service (YES) programme.

“A team of food handlers will assist with food preparation/serving. This will serve to alleviate the extra efforts of staff at the participating schools who are currently volunteering on top of their current responsibilities,” adds

“ Despite a few barriers that no longer exist in the path forward I am happy with improvements and can’t wait to meet with the principals to review and implement further refinement in phase 3 to jump start academic school year 2016 – 17 on a solid foundation.”