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A man fell to the street in Kingstown Monday afternoon after being knocked unconscious by an assailant who struck him a vicious blow to the head with a metal rod around 3:28 p.m. in the presence of pedestrians, including students.

The incident occurred on Bay Street in the area of Chinatown, near the pedestrian crossing linking Bay and Hillsboro Streets.

After being struck , the man collapsed in the middle of the street, with shocked onlookers wondering if he had died.

Pedestrians react after the man was knocked unconscious. (IWN photo)
Pedestrians react after the man was knocked unconscious. (IWN photo)

It was not clear why the man’s attacker, who fled the scene after the incident, had struck him.

Officers from the Rapid Response Unit of the Police Force, who happened to be passing along the street in an unmarked police vehicle at that time, rushed the unconscious man to hospital.

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A motorist who saw the injured man lying on the street had asked a pedestrian to inform the sentry at the Central Police Station nearby.

The sentry flagged down his colleagues who were passing in the vehicle and asked them to take the man to hospital.

Police quickly apprehended the assailant. (IWN photo)
Police quickly apprehended the assailant. (IWN photo)

The man was bleeding from a wound to the back of the head, which was also swollen.

The sentry and a detective from the Criminal Investigation Department quickly apprehended the attacker and took him to police headquarters.

The condition of the injured man was not known at the time of publishing this article.

One reply on “Man knocks another unconscious in Kingstown (+Video)”

  1. I always wonder if the press has freedom to post every picture that they feel fit? A picture can change someones life- many times- negatively. So this picture of the ‘assailant’, being a picture before he is charged of anything should not be in the public eye, in my humble opinion.
    Once someone is CHARGED and/or legally CONVICTED in a situation like this THEN should the person’s picture be posted to the public- unless the person is a public figure.
    Is it ok, for the name of news ?

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