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The escaped prisoner, Keon Scott.
The escaped prisoner, Keon Scott.

Police in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are searching for a man who they say escaped custody at the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown, sometime between noon and 1 p.m. last Friday

Assistant Commissioner of Police Frankie Joseph made the announcement on Monday at a press conference called to brief the media on the four murders in the country Sunday night.

The escaped man, Keon Scott, 30, of Glen is not a suspect in the killings.

Joseph said Scott was on remand for firearms and ammunition charges.

“I want t o say here also that this is also not his first charge for firearms and ammunition. He had several firearms and ammunition charges. He is considered to be armed and dangerous. We are appealing to the general public that if by chance you have any information or you [see] Keon Scott, please do not try to apprehend him.”

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Joseph said persons who see Scott or have information about his whereabouts should call him on his mobile number, 1-784-496-5233, or the telecommunications department of the police force on 1-784-457-1211, or the Criminal Investigations Department, on 1-784-456-1810.

Asked at the same press conference if he was satisfied with the security provided at the court, acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Colin John, said the police try their best in providing security at the court.

“There is always room for improvement, but I think the persons at the court are competent persons and they do their best to ensure that the court is safe.”

John, however, did not comment on the circumstances in which the prisoner escaped.

“I would prefer not to go into details because that may be a subject of either internal disciplinary action or court action,” he said, noting that escaping lawful custody is a charge.

“Going into that, I might just be divulging evidence, so I would not wish to go too much into details,” said John, a former Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, who at times appeared at the court, located in Lower Kingstown Park.

Asked about the circumstances in which Scott escaped and whether he was in handcuffs, John said: “As far as I know, he came downstairs in the holding area. I would not wish to speak to the specifics as to whether he was handcuffed or not.”

The senior police officer, who was acting police chief, as the acting Commissioner of Police, Renold Hadaway, was overseas on officials duty, was asked why was the public only then being told about the escaped man.

John said that police stations have been informed about the escapee and had been trying to locate him.

“We just took this opportunity now that we have the press conference to inform the members of the public,” John said.


2 replies on “Questions raised about man’s escape from Serious Offences Court”

  1. Listen to Colin again: He explain the people at the court do their best, and then he mentioned disciplinary actions which shows the people at the court screwed-up. While in SVG some years ago I saw police unloading a prisoner at the Layou station. He had no handcuff and the police had an AK47. That was both dumb and irresponsible. Prisoners should be transported in handcuffs to protect the public and even the police. SVG not ready! Columbus is still coming in the Santa Maria.

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