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Landslide at Park Hill Cemetary

The landslide washed some graves into the river and exposed the contents of others. (IWN photo)

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The Ministry of Health on Wednesday said it is urging persons to desist from using the Hill/Colonaire River, until advised otherwise.

The warning comes almost one week after a huge landslide at the old Park Hill Cemetery caused the contents of some decades-old graves to wash into the river, while others remained exposed.

A section of the river near the cemetery. (IWN photo)
A section of the river near the cemetery. (IWN photo)

“The Ministry has reason to believe that materials from the cemetery have found their way into the nearby stream and can compromise the health of all users,” Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Luis de Shong said in a press release.

“The Ministry thanks the general public for the usual support and pledges its commitment to work along with stakeholders towards resolving this problem in the shortest possible time,” de Shong said.

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