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Police Investigation

A Lowmans Bay/Buddy Gutter man who is said to be in his mid 30s was in hospital on Tuesday receiving treatment for a stab wound to the chest, reportedly inflicted by his mother.

Joycelyn Francis a resident of the area told iWitness News that she witnessed the stabbing.

Francis, who is also known as “Tall Girl”, told iWitness News that the incident took place outside a shop operated by her daughter on the ground floor of their two-story house.

She said that sometime after 6 a.m. the man’s mother came to the shop.

Francis said the woman “has a little frustration with some money that her sister sent [after] her brother died in America — $11,800 to build a small house.

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“So like when she study back the money, like how she ain’t get the house for Christmas, she does drink and she does be crying and like frustration, saying she go kill.

“The money come in she account and she daughter name is side the account and she daughter go and draw out all the money and put it in a different account. So that is the problem with them,” Francis said.

She said that the woman has a habit of drinking alcohol to ease her frustration.

Francis said she left the woman at the shop and went to another area to attend to a charcoal pit.

She said that when she came back to her house, she met the man who would be injured arguing with his mother over the keys to his house.

Francis said the man appealed to her to ask his mother to give him the keys.

She said she then told the woman to give the man the keys and she said she had put them somewhere.

“She start to argue and say nobody ain’t know what she going through,” Francis told iWitness News, adding, “Well she ah study the money thing with he daughter.”

Francis said the woman then put the point of a knife at her son’s throat and he pushed her away.

“To tell you the truth, I was there but I didn’t [imagine that] she woulda stab him, or I coulda stop she,” she told iWitness News.

Francis said the woman then ran into her son and stabbed him at the side of his chest.

She said she used a towel to apply pressure and the bleeding stopped. By that time, the injured man began to get faint and two residents of the area rushed him to hospital.

Police are investigating.

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