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No explanation has been given about the reason for the star. (iWN photo)
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Just when it seemed that the nation was finally rallying behind the Argyle International Airport, a star cast in concrete near the entrance to the control tower has raised questions about the government’s off-repeated refrain that the project is a national one.

The star is also the symbol of the Ralph Gonsalves-led Unity Labour Party.

The development comes even as persons have raised questions about why Valentine’s Day — rather than National Heroes Day, March 14 — was chosen for the opening of the project and the theme “Love is in the Air” — which echoes the “Labour Love” slogan of the ULP’s 2015 election campaign — was used.

Further, some persons have noted that most of the t-shirts marketed for Tuesday’s airport opening rally are red and white — colours used by the ULP in its election campaigns.

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No explanation has been given about the reason for the star. (iWN photo)

Other people have defended the colours, noting that red and white are the colours of Valentine’s Day.

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The EC$700 million airport, which opens today (Tuesday), six years behind schedule and with EC$400 million added to the national debt, was conceived and gestated in politics.

But Gonsalves — who has been accused of contributing to the politicisation of the project –has repeatedly called for national support for the airport, which he has said will be a game changer for the Vincentian economy.

The main opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) has said that it remains concerned about the manner in which the project was managed and has spoken of the lack of transparency associated with its financing.

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However, NDP and Opposition Leader, Godwin Friday, said in Parliament last week Tuesday that the airport is too important to fail and called on all Vincentians to work together to ensure its success.

To demonstrate that he was not just talking, Friday and other NDP lawmakers attended the flag raising ceremony on Monday that marked the commissioning of the airport.

But, earlier on Monday, photos began circulating on social media of a large star cast in concrete at the roadside near the entrance to the control tower.

The star is located outside of the airport compound.

Some persons have questioned the reason for the star, with some saying that such a symbol  –whatever the reason it was erected — can only help to further cement and perpetuate the bellicose politicisation of the project.

When iWitness News visited the area Monday afternoon, workers were busy putting finishing touches on the area where the star was cast.

The government has offered no explanation about why such a symbol was cast so close to the airport or the significance of it.

8 replies on “Star near Argyle control tower casts doubt on ‘national project’ mantra ”

  1. It is very sad that ULP party flags and symbols are displayed on a national project. Most leaders concentrate on uniting their country but Ralph Gonsalves tries to divide his. I am appalled when I hear him say things like the ULP is the “natural” party for St Vincent. All the ULP advertisement at the airport when it is ALL the citizens that paid for the project whether we want to or not. The removal of all NDP supporters throughout the government also helps to divide us. The cheating on the election in Central Leeward was also a disgrace. Hopefully we will one day have a leader that unites the nation. Friday seems to be a great choice, but it may be too early to tell.
    The real problem may be that many of the voters here just as in the USA, demand a candidate that is ruthless, cunning , willing to lie and cheat (consider Hillary Clinton). Wasteful spending seems to be another trait that many accept here just like I the USA.

  2. Patrick Ferrari says:

    To hell with statesmanship. Cato the Elder can put his, “After I’m dead I’d rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one.” That is a bridge too far. Or, insecurity is a bitch: it is the tail that wags the dog.

    What a pity, though. Just when I was thinking, maybe? Even though nothing ever pointed to maybe. At least not on this score.

    It began with him waving the red flag at the groundbreaking. Remember that? No? Well, that’s why it is ending this way. He is setting it in stone so you don’t. Lest we forget: can’t risk it. Nyet, insecurity won’t allow it.

  3. Patrick Ferrari says:

    Misappropriation of public funds? Or did the war chest pay for it? Can it? Wouldn’t they have to get permission to lay a permanent edifice in the public domain? If so, who would Caesar have to go to for that? To Caesar? (Maybe it would be as “permanent” as Lenin’s and Saddam’s statues. Deservedly.)

    That would be illegal in a civilized country except in the United States of America – under the pussy-grabber. I detest that word but who am I to blow against the wind? It is how the inarticulate yob depicts himself. Inarticulate, that is, by presidential standards. Most certainly by Obama’s. What a yuge comedown.

  4. Patrick Ferrari says:

    The subterfuge continues – unabated. As the words of not a political rally fall out of his mouth, the ULP symbol, the star, set in stone at Argyle, is a glaring conceptual juxtaposition: of what is meant and what is said.

    The star closes the contrast or at least proves it does not exist.

  5. Patrick Ferrari says:

    If the shoe was on the other foot and it was a key we were looking at, the star people would employ the national lawyer, then I’ll be damned if somebody wouldn’t lan’ up in the pokey.

  6. Perhaps , just Perhaps if the NDP had built an International Airport , the NDP & its Supporters would have placed the NDP political symbol near the airport . Let me remind all & Sundry , that
    the NDP was in Office or 17 long years , not 17 weeks or 17 months but 17 YEARS . Obviously the NDP had an opportunity to build an International Airport . Now this is a fact not
    fiction .

    It is quite possible that the negativity generated by the Political Leaders of the NDP & its Supporters regarding the AIA , was the impetus that propelled the Supporters & possibly the
    Government to ensure for posterity that Vincentians born & yet unborn will know that it was the
    the Labour Party Government that built the AIA .

    There is an abundance of evidence that the NDP Party & its Supporters were badmouthing the
    AIA for years , unabated . It is possible that had the NDP cooperated with the Government regarding the AIA , People would not have thought about putting a Star on the Road near the Airport .

    One of the things , in my opinion is the fact that on One side is the Government ; and on the
    other side is the Opposition , and Politicians & their Supporters take this to heart . So that those not in Government firmly believe that their job is to oppose everything that the Government proposes or does . This is really a sick Mentality that has afflicted Vincentians .

    As I have stated elsewhere in this Online Newspaper , THE STARK FACT IS THAT THE AIA
    IS FOR EVERY VINCENTIAN TO USE WHEN THEY TRAVEL ABROAD . It means that WE no longer will have to put up with the Asinine behaviour of the Uncouth People at the Airport in
    Barbados , with the Staff at LIAT telling persons that the Plane is full so that they would have to overnight . Rude Officials etc ; let me not get started , because if I do I will write until tomorrow . Let me just state the fact that those of us who live in the Diaspora , are delighted
    the the Argyle International Airport is not a mirage , or a figment of our Imagination .

    I have absolutely no doubt that all of us who live abroad , are happy that the Argyle Airport is
    a reality , and WE no longer have to put up with the Uncouth Louts in Barbados . The Government of St. Vincent & the Grenadines are to be commended for making an International Airport a Reality in St. Vincent & the Grenadines .

  7. I, for one, would like to know:

    who commissioned the star?

    who paid for such a political party symbol?

    on whose land is it cast?

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