Ralph Gonsalves

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says the accounts for AIDC do no not have to be brought before Parliament. (iWN Photo)

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Last Tuesday marked 23 years since Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves was elected Member of Parliament for North Central Windward.

Gonsalves, who became prime minister when his Unity Labour Party was voted into office on March 28, 2001, said he will mark the anniversary with an event in Colonarie, his birthplace, on Sunday.

“I am planning something in the school yard at Colonarie,” he said, adding that hosting the event there would hinge on the Ministry of Education’s grant of permission.

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“But they have given me permission before to hold things there and they have given other people permission, so, I don’t see why they would discriminate against me on this occasion,” said Gonsalves, who is currently the longest serving Member of Parliament.

“I would hold an event there, but more will be said about that,” he told a press conference on Monday.

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Gonsalves noted that Sunday’s event is not a government one.

“That’s my constituency and the party. I want to say thanks. I want to — must have some music and people would have an opportunity to sell food and drinks. I think it is an occasion to celebrate. I try to serve them well and they seem to think I have, because they keep electing me and my political future is in their hands.”

Gonsalves noted that he has been involved in elections for a longer period than he has been elected.

He said he has been involved in political activism for 48 years.

“This is why, when some people try to tangle with me in the Parliament, they weren’t even born yet when I involved in this thing. They must remember what I say to them when they come to the parliament. That is a place which exposes your weaknesses, if you are not properly prepared,” Gonsalves said.

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