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Fatherhood 2017

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ProjectMEN2020 in collaboration with The World Needs A Father (TWNAF), will host its 4th annual national Men’s Conference under the theme “Fatherhood 2017: Restoring the hearts of the Fathers to the Children, and the hearts of the Children to their Fathers”.

It will take place today (Thursday) and Saturday.

Today, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, organisers will host a seminar for pastors, leaders, teachers, coaches and men who are interested, at the Frenches House in Kingstown.

The project coordinators, Conroy Huggins and pastor Alex Altidor, will present an outline of the “World Needs A Father”, training manual on fatherhood, a master mentor training curriculum which they both attended in Columbia in September 2016. The objective is, as these leaders recognised the need for such training, they will request the curriculum for their various organisations.

The main conference takes place on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., also at Frenches House.

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“There will be a very powerful time of male worship and special singing. The featured conference speaker is Rev. Cecil Richards of the Kingstown Baptist church, he will present a two-part presentation on ‘Fatherhood: Socio-economic and Spiritual Responsibilities of Father’,” organisers say.

The evening session will feature worship, special singing and powerful testimonies of how the conferences have impacted the lives of men during the past three years. Also, there will be a panel discussion, which will feature a cadre of fathers, both young and seasoned fathers, who would share their experiences and engage questions and comments from the audience of men expected to be at the all-day session.

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