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The accused, Lennox Franklyn Da Silva and his wife, Sherika Nelson, the deceased. (Photo:
The accused, Lennox Franklyn Da Silva and his wife, Sherika Nelson, the deceased. (Photo:
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A Vincentian man has been charged with murder in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) in connection with the death of his wife, a Jamaican, Saturday night.

Lennox Franklyn Da Silva, 52, has been charged with the murder of Sherika Nelson.

Nelson died Saturday night after she was reported stabbed in the neck at the home she shared with her husband, has reported.

The publication said that police responded to a call after neighbours heard screams from the couple’s home and saw a child leaving quickly.

Da Silva was apprehended at the scene and is expected to appear in court today, Monday, where the murder charge will be read to him.

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The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) said: “Yesterday evening, police were called to the scene of a domestic violence incident. Officers found a woman unresponsive in her apartment with an apparent stab wound to the neck. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Da Silva was subsequently taken into custody.”

Nelson’s death comes just over three years after her husband survived a gun attack in April 2014 in Jamaica, where he had gone, reportedly to marry Nelson.

Jamaican police said then that that incident was a robbery, the BVI-based publication said.

7 replies on “Vincentian charged with wife’s murder in BVI”

  1. It is very sad that Sherika had to die like that; but I am one of those guys who she fed a truck load of lies and scammed me hundreds of thousands for an overseas work program that she claimed we were both going on together. I am now in debt for the first time in my life; and will have to work hard to pay back my family.

    I was severely played and used by her dealing in Jamaica; and her marriage to Lennox took place secret without my knowledge during that time, and I found out a few weeks after she had migrated to live with him.

    My investigations during that time discovered that she had a long history of playing or using men to get whatever she wants, while making them believe that she is interested in them. She eventually pushed me to the limits of publicly disgracing on Facebook a few years ago, outlining everything deceptive and wicked about her that I have experienced or discovered.

    My take on her killing is that she did something to Lennox that got him very really angry after he finally discovered what she had been hiding from him; because she is well know out here for living a life of a web of lies and secrets. She always told me that what I do not know won’t hurt me. I say that because when she just migrated, I use to call on her his phone that she was using; and he called unexpectedly one night to question me about what kind of woman she is and what had she done to me.

    Finally, she called me a few days after my birthday in April to wish me happy birthday; and we had a wonderful conversation about our past issues and she seemed to have realized her wrong doings and was making efforts to change her ways.

    I believe that one must face the consequences for their evil ways, especially when they continuously refuse to listen and change their dirty or wicked ways.

  2. I have also, emailed Det. Insp. Joe Goff a much deeper explanation of what I know about Sherika Nelson; and included documents such as Letters to Embassies (USA, Canada, & Britain), Letter of Report to the Jamaican Police, Posters of disgracing on Facebook, and audio recordings of my report to the Jamaican Police who ignored my report while insinuating that I was reporting her because she left me.

    In Jamaica, only women are giving rights to report abuses or offences committed by men; but whenever men report a woman, they are immediately taken for granted, mocked, and ultimately ignored.

    1. Man you sound like you still mad for getting taking for a ride, and stop acting like you did not know you were being played, fact is about being played, you see it and know it but refuse to accepted it until it to late, do not blame the girl man, blame yourself for being stupid and let her play you time after time.

      1. Yes, of course I have to take a lot of the blame for actually living in denial by not wanting to believe early on that a human being such her, who I really expected to have the best kind of character, could be so determined to continue abusing and exploiting someone who really cared (and still cares, even after the fact). I tried really hard while still showing her all the attention and care to see if I could get her to understand the dangers of her ways and hope that she would probably change sooner rather than later.

        However, my anger is not solely centered around the things she did to me or taken from me; but it is absolutely centered around the plethora of negative information about her ways that I discovered after what she did to me. No human being with a heart and conscience should be behaving in such a manner from high school days until adulthood! I will always love her no matter what; but I equally will not allow anyone to add anymore victims to his/her list or allow someone who takes a stand against him/her to go to prison without a fair trial about who that person really was. Ok?

      2. Man! end of the day you say you lover her always. to be you sound bitter at the chic let it go son, here what you should take away from this lessen she dish out for you, no one and i mean no one can change a person, only God can do that, so from high school to adult, she was just being who she is you seen it but still fall for it, that calls fool me one shame on you, fool me twice shame me, you got nowhere else to put the blame but on you man! let it go

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