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Jacket Dunbar

Schemel “Jacket” Dunbar. (iWN file photo)

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One of the two Rillan Hill men charged with the May 2017 murder of a police officer and his brother has been slapped with yet another murder charge — his fifth.

Police said Wednesday that they have charged 28-year-old Schemel Dunbar, also known as “Jacket”, with the March 12, 2017 murder of Malcolm Pollin, 52, of Vermont.

Pollin was shot dead on the road a few hundred yards from his house as he attempted to escape armed assailants who accosted him at his home.

Residents of the interior community openly celebrated the death of the man, who they also accused of having committed several murders.

This brings to five the number of murder charges that Dunbar has been slapped with since 2015, three of which are still before the court.

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Dunbar is awaiting the Nov. 27, 2017 commencement of a preliminary inquiry into the May 4, 2017 murder of Police Constable Danroy Cozier, 26, of Mesopotamia, and his younger brother, Nicholas Cozier, 19 of Richmond Hill.

Malcolm Pollin
Malcolm pollin was shot and killed in vermont on march 12, 2017.

Dunbar, fellow Rillan Hill man, Kendine Douglas, 31, and Richard Francis, a 32-year-old van driver from Layou, have been jointly charged with the men’s murder.

The brothers’ bodies were found on May 4, 2017 under some trees near the beach at Sion Hill Bay.

The accused men are also charged with one count of conspiracy to commit murder, allegedly committed on May 4, 2017 at Rillan Hill.

Dunbar has already beaten two murder charges, the first of which was the May 1, 2015 murder of Aljay Chadrick Douglas, 23, of Campden Park.

Douglas was shot and killed while working as a doorman at an entertainment event at the Campden Park Playing Field.

However, the prosecution withdrew the case against Dunbar at the commencement of the preliminary inquiry on Dec. 8, 2015.

Reports are that the case was withdrawn for a lack of evidence after the main witness “disappeared”.

On June 7, 2016, Dunbar was charged with the murder of Campden Park resident James Shepherd, 41, who was shot and killed on May 31, 2016 in Twenty Hill, a community between Rillan Hill and Penniston.

Shepherd’s body was found at the roadside next to his car, which had crashed into a wall.

The dead man had a bullet wound to his head.

On Jan. 7, 2017, Dunbar was discharged at the commencement of a preliminary inquiry into Sheperd’s death.

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