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Telecommunications provider, Digicel, on Thursday announced the launch of its Home Internet service in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in what it says was “in answer to the calls from Vincentians for faster, more reliable and more affordable home internet options”.

The announcement comes as the company continues to expand its corporate footprint across the business districts, serving over 55 corporate customers since it began offering internet service in the country.

The company said that its plans, with start at $134.99 per month, inclusive of VAT, “opens a world of growth and opportunities for homes and businesses”.

In addition, customers can browse, stream, share and enjoy their favourite content from the comfort of their homes using their desktop or any other devices, Digicel said.

“There is a growing demand for a reliable home internet service in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Of late, the general public has become increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of the service being provided,” said Business Solutions Manager, Carlon Browne.

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“The needs of the internet customer today have evolved, service providers also need to adapt and be current amidst the changing ICT landscape. Digicel is constantly evolving and is ready to meet the ICT needs of the Vincentian public,” he added.

The company quoted a satisfied customer as saying, “Digicel has made browsing and using home internet great again! Digicel has saved me from the poor service I had no choice but to get used to!”

Browne said that Digicel is committed to always improving on its services as well as finding new and innovative products that are both important and relevant to all Vincentians.

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