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Argyle International Airport. (iWN file photo)

By Dee

I’m writing to express my disappointment, after such a lovely vacation, with the customer service that I experienced — in fact, we experienced as a group of 5 foreigners.

When going through the security checks, my friend was singled out to open up her luggage. On her return, she told me that her rum was taken out, which she understood that this is the rules and regulations and was fine with it. So when my friend asked, “Why did you ask just me?” They replied, “It’s to do with your hairstyle.” Why should her hairstyle be an issue? We should be able to style and dress how we please. I was deeply shocked by that statement.

On our arrival to Antigua and Barbuda, we collected our suitcases to find that there were no locks on them and mine had a cable tie attached to it. One of the others from our group had no lock or cable tie on it. Once he opened up his case, he found a note inside to say that his suitcase had been checked. I didn’t open mine as I assumed that was the case with my suitcase.

Now my complaint is why have they searched our suitcases without us being present. We were all still inside the airport whilst the search was taking place. So because they found my friend with rum, they assumed we all had it.

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I find this disrespectful and something needs to be done about this. I have just found out via Facebook (Hot 97) that others have expressed that their luggage has been searched and goods have been taken out of their luggage since returning from carnival. They say Barbados is bad for this, but come on St. Vincent what are you doing? As a tourist and as many tourists, what would make us return with an experience like that? St Vincent has already lost Buccament Bay Resort and will lose plenty more tourists if they don’t make changes. It’s an absolute disgrace. Ralph needs to do something about this and also teach the staff how to have better customer service than a vex-up face we receive on arrival and departure.

I’m not one for making complaints but I’m really disappointed and upset with the treatment we received.

Kind regards

The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the opinions or editorial position of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected]

The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the opinions or editorial position of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

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13 replies on “Disappointing AIA experience after Vincy Mas”

  1. You are right to complain. The Caribbean as a whole needs to make a lot of changes in many areas. You should be very happy you do not live here and are not subject to going through Customs. Talk about poor Customer Service. Ralph Gonsalves cares very little about the country. He has never made any needed changes since being in office. He only talks and talks and never does anything worthwhile to improve the country or the condition of the people, except handing out goodies at election time.

  2. People are so backwards suitcase are begin search at all airport, rum is also forbidden because it is flammable, i guess we don’t travel a lot so we complain about nothing, get over it and get a life. Don’t care who is offened by my comment, because a lot of people is to small minded.

  3. Well I have experience the same thing, it seems like the persons working at AIA have a problem with Vincentians living abroad. When I was checking in the mean faces and nasty attitude was a bit not called for. They check my suite case behind my back take my stuff out break my sealed black wine and made it pill on my clothes, st Vincent will never develop like other countries, cause they mentality is very nasty.

  4. It’s a disgrace and disappointment to ST.VINCENT for the what they are doing you have all right to complain am from st.vincent and I’m shame for how they treated everyone.

    1. Avatar Of ConcernedvincyConcernedVincy says:

      I was wearing skinny jeans (“skinny jeans”) and was searched as if I was hidding something when everything was printed out. I had to ask the lady if she knew what she was looking for. Then I was asked if there was anything in my pockets (“my empty back pockets in my skinny jeans”).

      How people are being treated defintely needs to be reassessed and properly addressed if we are not trying to scare away tourist and Vincies who live abroad that travel home. The Human aspect is missing from how peopler are being treated.

    2. PLEASE! some of you shame because some of you wish bad things was to happen to it .BUT WHAT’S TO BE MUST BE AND IT’S THERE.

  5. Avatar Of Icenie Armstrongicenie Armstrong says:

    as a vincentian am deeply disappointed to read about these thing if what they are saying is true most people glad for the international airport in st.vincent to get away from a lot of complain at barbados airport will someone please look into those complain and do something about them before people go else where believe you me its not good not good at all

  6. Avatar Of Everyman Is A KingEveryman is a King says:

    It’s for terrorist do not bring bombs on planes and blow you out of the sky.It call security search. It happen every where.

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