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Police officers on parade. (iWN file photo)

The leaking of voice notes from a private conversation among members of the Police Welfare Association this week has led to questions about the extent to which the public can give information in confidence to police officers. But Commissioner of Police Renald Hadaway told iWitness News that the public should have no such fear. “That’s something totally different. And I would not concur with such statement,” he said when the question was put to him. “There is a high level of trust and confidentiality within the organisation. We continue to speak to those issues because we know the importance of the relationship between the police and the public. “Yes, some persons may take it to say, ‘We can’t trust the police.’ But by and large, we have credible police officers and we have police officers that are trustworthy and that persons can confide in and get the issues addressed in the best way possible,” Hadaway said.

Renold Hadaway
Commissioner of police, renald hadaway. (iwn file photo)

In the leaked voice notes, members of the PWA discuss strategies to get the police high command and the government to respond to their need. Among the suggestions was that they “storm” the office of the prime minister. Some persons have said that the police officers were threatening force against the prime minister, but lawyer for the PWA, Israel Bruce said that was not the case. “It is my understanding that the use of the term “storm” the prime minister’s office was made with an understanding and appreciation that when we go to the prime minister’s office, we will be very forceful with what our representations are. And so that is the context in which it was said that they would storm the prime minister’s office,” Bruce told iWitness News. Even the police high command itself seems unconvinced, so far, that the men were threatening physical force against the prime minister. The police force has launched an internal rather than a criminal investigation, although Hadaway says that the force has not ruled out criminal proceedings against the officers believed to have been involved. Three members of the PWA have been transferred to districts furthest away from Kingstown since the voice notes were leaked.

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4 replies on “Amidst talks of cops betraying each other, police chief says public should have confidence in officers”

  1. Three incompetent police commissioners in a row. Carefully consider your next pick for commissioner Mr. PM. A good police chief commands the loyalty and respect of his subordinates and one of the best ways to achieve this is by ensuring their well being. Too many times we see leaders of organisations come through the ranks and when they get to the top they forget all the issues they themselves once faced and complained about. Many of these issues shouldn’t even have to reach the PM, but incompetence is a vehicle that carries passengers to unwanted destinations.

    1. You really think this PM would be in office long enoug to appoint/ nominate another police chief? And who is the manufacturer of these vehicles? This is the problem with us Vincentians why our society has become so toxic. Stop speaking with water in your mouth and say it as it is. If my kids are disrespectful, who is to be blamed? Another 4 in a row:) MADNESS!!

    2. “incompetence is a vehicle that carries passengers to unwanted destinations” but are they insured, because the police pickup truck riders are not, if they were they would be told they are. This whole thing is to try and hush the inquisition into police vehicles carrying un-insured police officers which if an accident occured nul and void thei insurance policy. The drivers shoud be prosecuted.

      I see truck loads of black squad hurtling about the island like a pickup load of pigs on their way to Gibsons abattoir.

  2. Avatar Of Everyman Is A KingEveryman is a King says:

    PM Ralph, it’s time for you to get […] out of office. Do not put your son up as Pm.

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