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The injured men, Kareem Charles, left, and Junior Bibby.
The injured men, Kareem Charles, left, and Junior Bibby.
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Two Redemption Sharpes men are expected to undergo surgery after being shot in the Central Kingstown community Saturday night as a result of what one source tells iWitness News is believed to be a “gang war”.

Kareem Charles and Junior Bibby were shot and injured as gunfire rang out around 8 p.m. near the playing field in Redemption Sharpes.

It is not immediately clear who fired the gunshots and whom the shooters were aiming their guns at.

Charles was shot in the left cheek and once in his left hand, with that bullet also striking him in the hip.

Bibby was shot in his leg, which is said to have been broken in places.

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Bibby is the son Lloyd “Lazo” Samuel, a 37-year-old man who was shot and killed on Dec. 21, 2007 in of Redemption Sharpes.

Samuel died at the Milton Cato Hospital four days after receiving three gunshots to the head as he was parking his car in his yard in Redemption Sharpes.

Che Bute and Azari Ash, also of Redemption Sharpes were charged with Samuel’s murder.

Police are investigating the latest shooting.

4 replies on “Sharpes men shot in ‘gang war’”

  1. Everyman is a king says:

    Wow I didn’t know Saint Vincent have gangs now.I let svg 17years ago I never saw any gangs when I were there.

    1. Gangs are formed for economic reasons and protection. As Saint Vincent continues to deteriorate economically there may be even more gangs starting. Many of these young men deal in illegal items and substances because the government of Saint Vincent refuses to enact legislation that creates opportunity in the country. As long as we are ruled by a man that things economically backward we will continue to go backwards.

    2. Dayle Da Silva says:

      Really? Seventeen years ago, the very Sharpes was as they say “hot” and to say you did not know of any gangs? Not sure how old you are, but at Soca Monarch…all those so called crews that those artistes ‘big up’ are gangs my friend, dont get it twisted…

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