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The mother of a recent college graduate is warning Vincentians about an “escort service” that is trying to recruit young persons via the internet.

The parent’s interaction with the service suggests that it is a prostitution ring in which the paid “escorts” would be expected to have sex with their clients.

The woman told iWitness News that as the mother of a recent college graduate, she decided to inquire into an advertisement on social media seeking males and females to fill positions as models, dancers, etc.

The mother said she responded to the numbers provided in the advertisement, asking for more information.

On Wednesday, she received a disturbing WhatsApp message from the person claiming to have jobs for young people in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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The message said:

“Hey! Am willing to pay you $200 USD cash to assist me to find a girl between the ages of 18- 39 from your country that will be willing to go out with me for 2 hours on three different occasions within the first 2 weeks of September. I’ll be in your Country on the 31st August on business for 2 weeks.

“Am offering to pay the girl $800 EC or $300 USD cash upfront on each of the 3 occasions so at the end of it all she’ll make a total of $2,400 EC or $900 USD

“The girl will be expected to accompany me at a hotel for 2 hours on 3 different occasions & protected sex will be required.

“I have no specific size, height, nor complexion I simply need a girl that’s attractive, clean & friendly.

“If you can assist me to find the right girl I’ll pay you $200 USD

You can try to locate at least 5 girls and I’ll choose the best.

“I do hope that this arrangement can remain private & confidential.”

The parent told iWitness News that she thinks that young people should be warned before they attempt to apply for any position that is posted regarding the advertisement and the telephone number.

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  1. Well I was thinking, that, all the “dutty winer gals” who have been advertising their wares, sorry waist’s online, should sign up without fear, sorry, to ‘mek a fare; ’cause, “aint that wha alyo bout”

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