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police investigation
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Police in Kingstown on Friday confirmed that their colleagues in Colonairie have launched an investigation into the death of a toddler in South Rivers.

A police spokespersons told iWitness News that they were not yet in a position to comment in a detailed manner about the incident.

The spokesperson, however, confirmed that “a toddler” has died but disclosed no further information about the child’s name, age, or sex or the circumstances surrounding the death.

The spokesperson said that an investigation has been launched and police in Colonairie is conducting it, initially.

The child is said to have died on Thursday.

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Information surrounding the incident is still sketchy, but some reports say that the child might have suffered a neck injury.

One reply on “Police investigate toddler’s death”

  1. Good grief. Don’t want to judge before facts are brought to light; but I am thinking someone should hang for abuse of that child. Time to stop abusing children.

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