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Diana Caine

Diana Caine, when she was arraigned in Kingstown last August. (iWN photo)

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Diana Caine2
Caine, who is seven months pregnant, is accused of murdering her 3-year-old son. (iwn photo)

The seven-months-pregnant woman who was on Wednesday charged with the murder of her 3-year-old son told her mother that she did not commit the crime.

The seven-months-pregnant woman who was on Wednesday charged with the murder of her 3-year-old son told her mother that she did not commit the crime.

“Mommy, me nah do this ah nuh,” Dianna Caine, 23, told her mother as police led her away from the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court after her arraignment on Wednesday.

Caine, a domestic, of South Rivers, was not required to plea to the indictable charge, which was read to her by Magistrate Bertie Pompey.

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The matter was adjourned to next Monday, Sept. 4 and transferred to the Serious Offences Court, when the date for the hearing of a preliminary inquiry is expected to be set.

Caine has been remanded to prison.

Detective Corporal Wilma Black-Williams, who is investigating the matter, consoled a sobbing Caine as she exited the court.

Police say that Caine’s son, LJ Keran Leran Jack, Jr, 3, of South Rivers, was found lying on the ground with an injury to his head last Thursday, Aug. 24.

A postmortem examination revealed that he died as a result of blunt trauma to his head.

The toddler’s death brings to 22 the number of homicides in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year.

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7 replies on “Pregnant woman denies murdering her son (+video)”

  1. How they come to that the child could of been playing and fell. Investigators need to make sure the trauma was not due the child falling and not murder y’all make sure before her life is ruin. Blunt force trauma can come from a fall as well. I’m not saying she may not of murder her child, but it doesn’t seem right the vibe I’m getting watching the video she’s in shock and don’t really know what’s happening to her now. She’s 7 month pregnant doesn’t seem like some one to kill her son. Alot of young kids get blunt force trauma by accident and I pray to the God the whole truth comes, if she didn’t do it she gets out of jail as soon as possible. Svg is not equipped like the U.S. where investigators do alot of tests DNA etc, comb through the whole seen to make sure evidence match in a day or 2 to come to the conculsion. Make sure it’s the right outcome before y’all send off to jail.

      1. I don’t think she would do such kids love to climb and they don’t know there danger we where kids too just say we ex cape or our family will be in trouble too lord have mercy on here I am praying for you Dianna

  2. Avatar Of Jackie BaptisteJackie baptiste says:

    How dear you all to tell the parent one whose.child has never been found switch off the cell phones go outside dont talk an these who caused the accident walk free..sadness madness the law has not swung the scales correctly…

  3. I have a 4 n a1 year old grandson n g/daughter and by time 12pm my strength n energy r gone with his age anything is possible she’s innocent until proven guilty don’t judge her leave that to god ppl

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