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Food Distribution

Staff at the Richland Park Health Centre helped less privileged members of the community they served.

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Staff at the Richland Park Health Centre this week donated 23 food baskets to underprivileged and marginalised residents of communities in Marriaqua, from Hopewell Village to Kellipar, a village located close to Montreal Gardens.

The staff members who took part in the distribution were Staff Nurse Jameil Bartholomew, Nursing Assistant Janieh Bobb and Community Health Aide Kathie Castello.

Bartholomew, who is currently nursing an injury sustained a week earlier from an accident, facilitated the process from her sick bed with the help of her support staff and the members of the Diabetic-Hypertensive Club.

The food baskets became a reality from donations from notable persons around the community, businesses and members of the club itself.

In addition, the baskets, which contained nourishments and toiletries, were put together over the last 3 weeks and were distributed this week.

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The recipients were very happy and thanked the nursing staff for the donation.

Bartholomew, along with president of the Diabetic-Hypertensive Club, Pastor Munroe, played an active part in making this venture a success.

The staff members of the health centre thanked the donors and other contributors to the event.

Last year, 25 food baskets were distributed.

The Club consists of 52 members and its next event is their fun day next Wednesday, Sept. 6, when they will visit the Black Point Tunnel Recreational Park.

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