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Police investigation
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A 6-year-old girl was raped Friday night during an assault that has left her South Leeward community baffled and in shock.

Reports are that the girl’s family became aware of the assault after they saw her “awash with blood” Saturday morning.

She reportedly told her family that a man of a particular description had removed her from their house and taken her to another section of the village, where the assault reportedly took place.

iWitness News understands that the girl further told her family that she walked back to her house after the sexual assault.

Reports are that the house is especially susceptible to intrusions as one of the main doors does not lock properly.

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This has led persons to speculate that the assailant could be someone close to the family or with knowledge of their security situation.

The girl was rushed into surgery after being examined by doctors on Saturday.

Police have launched an investigation into the crime.

17 replies on “Girl, 6, hospitalised after brutal rape”

    1. A child 6years being rape come on man what can you get from a 6years old child.
      This guy need a stiff jail time no less than 25years to life ,before you protect you destroy that’s a Freak.

  1. This is shocking he need hanging entering childs home and kidnapping he had to be a peeping tom always watching this child why can’t they leave the little children to enjoy their child hood this bastard need to be lockaway As a parent I am very concern about the safety of our children in our small country we need to always be on alart for wicked evil people .

  2. Levorn Charls says:

    What is going on in st Vincent the Government sleeping st Vincent was one of the safest country to live what a shame

  3. And most of you against hanging am all for that if that was my child he had to pray the police find him before I do

  4. Brown Boy USA says:

    This is sickening, sad and heartbroken! What is wrong with our society? No wonder our youths are the way they are today, and we put our hands in the air and wonder why. No one is speaking out for them or protecting them. Where are our leaders, our churches, our community…? It takes a village/community to raise a child, but everyone seems to turn a blind eyes once it is not their child! We have to stop this nonsense and start looking out for one other again, especially our youths, otherwise, crappo smoke our pipe!

  5. This is sickening. I hope the evil bastard gets caught and given what he deserves. Cut his f**8ing hands and dick off. Nasty evil devil..

    1. I am speechless! You would think that our government would now see the importance of acquiring equipment that test body fluids, a piece of hair, etc… Maybe it first has to happen to one of the children of the elites. This is just as sad as a murder! For the child it will destroy many aspects of her entire life. The most severe punishment should be given to this man!

      1. I only got one question what is the goverment of SVG doing to stop this country from becoming like Blize

  6. Althian lewis says:

    My God what is happening in SVG what can a 6yrs old give to a man.i pray God that child recover safely.and I pray them catch that man

  7. Ok it is me or crime seem to be way out of control in SVG, and there seem to me that there is not enough effort to stop it, this has to become a top concern in SVG, it has to stop when you have 6 year old being raped, enough is enough this must stop.

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