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A shooting Christmas Eve night that resulted in the death on Christmas Day of a Diamonds man has brought the homicide count in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for this year to 41 — a new record.

Andel Muckett died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where he was being treated for gunshot injuries.

Residents of the South Central Windward community were very tight-lipped when iWitness News visited Monday evening –Christmas Day.

However, iWitness News gathered that Muckett was shot while making his way from his home, a wooden house, located on the top of a hill in a section of Diamonds that is called, Smith Valley and Juggies.

Reports suggest that the man collapsed several yards away from where he is believed to have been shot.

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It was said in Diamonds on Monday that Muckett is believed to have been shot by a male who is close to him.

Reports are that Muckett was accused of damaging someone’s property on the day that he was shot.

Police, on Tuesday, did not say whether they had taken anyone into custody in connection with the killing.

Muckett made headlines this year in connection with the Sept. 4 chopping of his girlfriend, Jesgil Letteen of Diamonds, originally of Chapmans, who presented him as a routine abuser.

Letteen, 33, who was denied a secondary school education by her father when she passed the requisite examination, was beaten with a cutlass in San Souci as she held a 2-month-old in her arms.

A witness told iWitness News that the fact that woman was holding the infant deterred her attacker from chopping her.

Letteen told iWitness News one day after the incident that she had had enough of Muckett’s abuse and would testify against him in court.

However, when the charges against Muckett came up for hearing at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Sept. 26, Letteen told the court that she no longer wished to proceed with the case against Muckett.

Letteen told the court, “It was my mistake” and that she no longer wanted to proceed against the man with whom she had shared a relationship for the past seven years.

iWitness News understands that police had taken Letteen into custody on Monday as part of their investigation.

Reports also indicate that the unknown assailant who killed her boyfriend might have struck Letteen.

The homicide count for this year — 41— is one more than last year’s figure, which replaced the record set a few years earlier.

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  1. Hip, hip, horray! Watch a time in little SVG when 30 years ago one murder a year was the norm and our poverty level much higher.

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